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Haberdashery - Coloured Waistband Elastic

No matter what level of dressmaker you are, one of the most important Haberdashery items in your sewing box is elastic. Elastic is a flexible and stretchy item made from rubber and then covered in either cotton or polycotton; useful for a number of different projects. It can usually be found in two main types, flat and round, with each type being suitable for different uses. Flat elastic is a Haberdashery item used predominantly for dressmaking as waistbands and cuffing whereas round elastic is used for more craft based projects such as dolls clothes and jewellery making.

Haberdashery Elastic Prym Waistband elastic

One of the newest additions to our Haberdashery section is within our elastic range and is from high quality manufacturer Prym. Our recent addition is coloured waistband elastic which is fairly new on the market as up until very recently, elastic has only been available in black and white. This is a great product as the elastic can now be matched to the fabric you are using and will be a feature to your garment rather than being hidden in a fabric casing. This flat elastic is soft to touch and would be comfortable when worn against the skin, ideal for pyjamas, skirts and trousers. At 38mm wide and fully washable, it would be perfect for making a feature waistband on skirts for the summer. This can be bought by the metre or by the full roll.

If you are looking for coloured elastic to produce children's outfits you may not want to use a elastic that is as wide as the prym waistband elastic if they are only small children however we do stock a 20mm coloured elastic which can be used in a similar manner. This is available in seven different bright colours which will appeal to children. Similar to the prym elastic, this elastic is soft to touch and will be comfortable to wear and again is fully washable.