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Haberdashery For Your Wedding Day!

Here at Calico Laine, we have seen a sharp rise in enquiries from brides to be who are not only creating their own bridal gowns but are taking creative control over every aspect of their wedding day. Although we are being told that the economy is growing and things are looking better for businesses, the reality is that many people are still struggling to find the finance required to stage their wedding ceremony and are having to make many compromises in order to enjoy their dream day without breaking their budget. The good news is, that by doing a little bit of research and with some expert advice from our Haberdashery Shop staff, you will not have to go without all of those little touches that really make your wedding day your own.

Below, the talented staff from our Haberdashery Shop have compiled a list of the most popular Haberdashery items for weddings and how to use them to your best advantage for a truly elegant ceremony.

centrepiece Bridal Petals make a wonderful addition to your table decoration.

Bridal Petals - without a doubt, these low cost bridal accessories are one of the most popular items in our Haberdashery Shop when it comes to bridal season. Priced at as little as £4.49 for 164 pieces, these lovely petals are perfect for adding the finishing touches to everything from your wedding invitations to your flower girls basket. Or, you can opt for an added romantic touch by scattering the petals throughout your honeymoon suite to create the romantic ambience fitting for your first night as husband and wife. Bridal Petals are the perfect choice for low cost table decoration as they look wonderfully eye-catching scattered liberally over the tables for your wedding breakfast and evening reception. Many cake technicians enquire about our Bridal Petals as an elegant (albeit inedible!) cake decoration. Available in a wide variety of gorgeous colour options our Haberdashery Bridal Petals are suitable for almost any colour scheme or theme of wedding.

flower Organza is the ideal accessory for elegant additions such as pew ends and bouquets.

Organza - coming in a close second in the popularity stakes, our Haberdashery Shop stock a wide variety of Organza products which are suitable for a wide range of wedding projects and are especially popular for decorating your wedding venue. Organza Snow Sheer is particularly popular for venue dressing and is the perfect choice for elegant chair covers which will really give your wedding venue that extra finishing touch. This versatile product of Haberdashery can also be used for tying bouquets and pew decorations or balloon displays and is available in a variety of colour options and designs such as Diamond Snow Sheer and Swirl Snow Sheer.

Ribbons - our range of gorgeous, high quality Haberdashery ribbons are popular all year round, but for weddings we see a huge jump in the number of enquiries for our plain satin ribbon. This excellent quality ribbon is available in a huge range of colour options and is useful for bouquets and flower arrangements but is in particularly high demand for decorating bridal cars due to it's strength and extra wide measurements.

Headbands - a new addition to our Haberdashery Shop collection, we have already seen a number of enquiries regarding our range of headbands during their first bridal season on our shelves. Our range of headbands and alice bands have been created specifically with the idea of embellishment firmly in mind. With the addition of some well selected accessories such as feathers, diamante, flowers or ribbon you can create a gorgeous one of a kind headpiece either for the bride herself or for her ensemble of maids. Our gold and silver metal headbands are an attractive enough accessory to be worn alone and are often chosen as a subtle yet elegant accessory which can be incorporated into your bridal hairstyle or can be turned into stunning fascinators or a flapper style headpiece which are particularly popular with not only bridal parties but with wedding guests also.

Have you used any items from our Haberdashery Shop on your big day? Please share your picture online by uploading them to our Facebook page.