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Haberdashery Online - Bra Accessories for the summer months

This week we have had some gorgeous weather with the temperatures rising and the sun shining. It is the time of year when people start to get their summer wardrobe out and are beginning to buy new clothes to take on their summer holidays. Many of the tops for warmer weather are more revealing or have small straps to them and it is important to have the right undergarments to go with these including the a well fitted bra. In our Haberdashery Online section we stock a number of bra accessories to make you feel comfortable in the summer.

Overtime you might find that due to weight gain or fabric shrinkage your bra may become a little uncomfortable to wear. Bras can sometimes be quite costly to buy and you might not want to buy a brand new one when yours becomes a little tight; instead you can simply buy a bra extender which will give you an extra couple of inches to the back of the bra fastening. There is nothing worse than when you are on holiday, being uncomfortable in the heat because your bra is too tight. In our Haberdashery Online section, we stock black, white and beige bra extenders which are available in a variety of sizes from 19mm up to 75mm. By adding these extra inches to the back of your bra you will find that you have a much more comfortable fit. For additional comfort, we also stock bra strap pads which give a little bit of padding to your bra straps to make sure they are not digging into your shoulders. These slip discreetly underneath your straps and can be washed and reused with all different bras.

Another item that can be found within our Haberdashery Online which is great for during the summer months is a low back strap adjuster. It allows you to convert your existing bra into one that can be worn with low back dresses and tops which you might want to wear when you are on holiday. This crosses over at the back and secures around the front giving you support without an unsightly strap showing. Similar to this is our strap to strap bra retainer which is ideal if you have a racer back top or when you are having trouble with your straps falling down your shoulders. This product attaches to both of your bra straps at the back and pulls them inwards to prevent them from slipping.

If you want to wear a strapless garment and don't want to show your bra straps at all you can either use clear bra straps or alternatively we sell modesty pads which can be worn against the skin under your garment to prevent your nipples showing through. This allows you not to wear a bra at all.