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Halloween Fabrics are coming!

Its nearly that time of year that a lot of people love…Halloween! So why not start getting prepared with your halloween costumes with some of calico laines eye-catching Halloween Fabrics. Within the next week we are getting some great new materials in that are perfect for this time of year with designs such as spider webs, witches and pumpkins that will make up into the perfect unique costume for your children or yourself. In the meantime if you are already starting your costume we have a range of Halloween Fabrics in stock for you to look at or purchase to start your creation. Our materials are great to also use for interior decorations to create a spooky effect if you are throwing a Halloween party. Our range of Halloween Fabrics include sheer materials embossed with sparkling patterns, unique shiny satin materials and printed cotton materials that will all be perfect for this holiday.

White Sugar Skulls Print Fabric White Sugar Skulls Print Fabric

The halloween holiday is loved by many people especially children as they love dressing up and going trick or treating with their friends and family. Even though they mainly love the sweets the most, the costume is the biggest part to the day as they all want to look scary to enjoy neighbours reactions when they open the door. Children tend to want to dress as witches, bats or black cats for Halloween, so our sparkly fabrics will be the perfect addition to their outfits by creating beautiful long capes or bats wings to compliment the costume they already have or if your really creative why not create your own from scratch. My personal favourite from our Halloween Fabric range at the moment has to be the white sugar skull print fabric which is a mesh material embossed with bright colourful skull designs that will bright up any costume or home interior decoration. The bright skulls give a whole new look to the dull dark shades of halloween costumes and catch everyones eye with the shiny effect colourful prints on the material. However I cannot wait for our brand new Halloween Fabrics to arrive in stock and see what new prints we have to offer.

A lot of people like to start preparing their halloween costumes/parties around the end of september so keep a look out for our range of new Halloween Fabrics coming in that will be available in both stores and also online within the Halloween Fabrics and new arrivals section.