With summer fast approaching and the weather finally looking up your winter wardrobe is probably the last thing on your mind. However, in the world of dressmaking and fashion is forward planning is very important and we are already experiencing an increase in customer enquiries regarding our Heavy Weight Fabrics for winter. We carry a wide range of Heavy Weight Fabrics ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops without compromising your sense of fashion. Here are details are some of our best selling Heavy Weight Fabrics:

[caption id="attachment_3963" align="alignleft" width="300"]purple-melton-fabric Melton is the ideal choice of Heavy Weight Fabric for winter clothing items.[/caption]

Melton - one of my favourite Heavy Weight Fabrics, melton is a classic and stylish addition to any winter wardrobe and is perfect for creating a wide range of fashionable clothing items such as stylish macs and duffel coats. Melton is very similar in texture and appearance to boiled wool and is a particularly popular choice for winter due to its unparalleled warmth and durability.

Corduroy - a particularly sumptuous Heavy Weight Fabric, corduroy has long been a staple of the most fashionable winter wardrobes. Available to purchase in a variety of colours and designs, corduroy is the perfect choice for the whole family due to its warmth and long lasting qualities. Corduroy is perfect for creating a wide range of stylish wardrobe items including trousers, skirts and jackets.

Brushed Cotton - we carry a fantastic selection of brushed cotton fabrics ideal for keeping the whole family warm and cosy during the cooler months of the year. Although it is slightly lighter in weight than many of our other Heavy Weight Fabrics, brushed cotton is still warm and comfortable enough for the coldest of winters. A flexible and versatile Heavy Weight Fabric, brushed cotton is perfect for creating casual shirts and pyjamas for all of the family.