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How to make a cushion

As well as using our fantastic range of Dressmaking Fabrics, a lot of our customers like to use our products for making soft furnishing items for around the home. These include cushions and pillows, headboards for bedrooms, blankets, throws and so much more. In today’s post, we will be covering how to make a simple 40-45cm square cushion for your home.
What you’ll need:
  • 0.5 metres of fabric measuring at least 100cm in width
  • A reel of cotton
  • A tape measure
  • A bag of toy stuffing
  • Optional items for embellishing (e.g. buttons, acrylic jewels, embroidery thread, trims and bias binding, fabric paint/markers etc.)
Step 1
Fold your fabric in half width-ways, and lay it down on a flat surface. Cut two squares measuring 50cm by 50cm.
Step 2
With the right sides of your fabric together, pin the edges of your pieces together. Make sure to leave a gap in one edge, so that you will be able to turn your cushion right side out. Sew along your pinned edges.
Step 3
Turn your cushion right side out. Grab your toy stuffing and fill the cushion with it as much as you like (make sure not to stuff it too much, otherwise your seams may burst).
Step 4
Once you have finished stuffing your cushion, close the gap that you left open by sewing it, either by hand or with a sewing machine. Depending on how much room you allowed yourself for your seams, you now have a finished cushion measuring somewhere between 40cm and 45cm square.
OPTIONAL: If you decide to decorate your cushion, we recommend doing this after you have completed Step 1 and before you start Step 2. There are all sorts of products available here at Calico Laine that you can use to embellish your cushion – why not take a look at our buttons and acrylic jewels, or perhaps our decorate satin bows and flowers? We also recommend our fabric paints and markers which you can use to add your own designs and artwork to customise your cushion even further.