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How To: Make an Apron

If you are similar to me and like your belongings to be both unique and catered to your own individual taste, you might find that you make a lot of things for yourself using our fabric here at Calico Laine, from clothing to soft furnishings and other decorations around your home. I have sisters who are not into sewing, but one of them loves to bake and cook, and can always be found creating tasty dishes for the whole family to eat - and one of her favourite things to make is cupcakes. I have used some of our fabrics to make a few aprons for her - after all, baking can get messy! - and in today's tutorial I'll be walking you through how to make one of your very own.

You will need:
- 1 metre of fabric (I suggest our cotton plains and prints)
- 1 reel of matching thread (Our Gutermann Sew-All threads or Moon threads are recommended)
- Tailor's chalk
- A packet of dressmaking pins
- Fabric scissors
- An iron

Step One
Mark a large rectangle on your fabric measuring 90 centimetres by 70 centimetres (if you find that creating a paper pattern is easier for you, then you can do this too) using your tailor's chalk. Cut out, making sure to leave an extra 2.5 centimetres on all sides.

Step Two
Take your fabric remnants and cut three strips measuring 6 centimetres by 60 centimetres. Fold each long edge in by 1cm and press, then fold the strip in half and press again. Tuck in the raw edges at each end of the strip, and topstitch along all edges to create a neat, flat strip. Repeat this for your remaining two strips of fabric.

Step Three
Fold your main apron piece in half so that your piece measures 35 centimetres by 90 centimetres. Measure outwards from the centre by about 15 centimetres and mark with a pin. Along the long edges of the piece, mark about 20 centimetres down from the top with a pin. Using these two pins as starting and ending points, mark a curve outwards from the top corner on the unfolded edge, then cut. This will be where the apron wraps under your arms.

Step Four
After you have cut these curves, open your main apron piece up again. Press under 1 centimetre around every edge, then repeat the process with 1.5 centimetres. Top stitch around all edges.

Step Five
Stitch each end of the neck loop onto the reverse of the apron (shorten if necessary), then stitch the two other strips to the sides of the apron for tying around the waist. You now have a completed apron!

You can also embellish your apron in any way you choose, from embroidery and bias binding to adding pockets to the front as well. If you decide to follow our tutorial and make your own apron, be sure to take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers come up with!