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Keep Warm with Our Dress Fabrics

Now the cold weather has hit us dramatically everyone wants to be as warm as they can be especially on their christmas nights out and other events they have coming up over the holidays. Here at Calico Laine we have a variety of warm winter Dress Fabrics perfect for creating garments to keep warm but still staying elegant and feminine.

Deep Grey Melton Deep Grey Melton

One Dress Fabric that is extremely popular in this cold period is our melton fabric. Melton is a light woven woollen cloth fabric with short dense pile. This fabric is very thick and has a lovely wool texture and feel. As well as making up beautiful winter dresses its also great for waistcoats, jackets and trousers because of its warmth and heavy weight. It contains 80% polyester and 20% viscose making it a very practical choice for all your winter garments. This Dress Fabric is also a popular choice for creating winter accessories like belts, bags and scarves.Melton comes in a range of darker shades including deep grey and black so its perfect for this time of year.

As well as melton we have various other winter Dress Fabrics including our beautiful printed winter wools. These are heavy weight and come in a variety of designs and patterns to suit you. These printed wools are extremely popular due to their attractive designs and pretty colours that will create the perfect winter garments. These woollen fabrics look lovely made up as capes which are a very popular trend this winter. The colours and patterns really stand out and have everyone looking at your finished creations.

If you have a big night coming up and want to look stylish but keep warm have a look at our beautiful winter Dress Fabrics on our website and in store.