As well as selling Knitting Wool we also stock a range of Knitting Accessories that are very useful items when it comes to knitting. Knitting Accessories allow you to achieve the most beautiful knitted projects and provide you with everything you need to make sure your projects are successful.

[caption id="attachment_7374" align="alignleft" width="300"]Cable Knitting Needles Cable Knitting Needles[/caption]

When it comes to knitting whether you a beginner or have knitted for years there are still a variety of Knitting Accessories that you can learn from. A variety of knitting accessories we stock include Row Counters, Stitch Markers, Pom Pom Makers, Bobbin Sets and many more. Cable Needles are a great accessory to have when knitting as they hold stitches on your Knitting Wool when knitting cables patterns and can be placed behind or in front of the wool. Cables Needles are available in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. Another useful tool we sell is a knitting register  which is available in a small or large size. A Knitting Register fits onto the end of your Knitting Needle to count how many rows you have done with your Knitting Wool. All you have to do is twist the register after each row and it does the job for you.

Wool Combs come in very handy when knitting. Once you have finished your project with your Knitting Wool you can use the wool comb to remove any bobbles or stray hairs that are attached to your knitted garment. Stitch Markers are a great accessory that all knitters like to have. You can use these to place on the stitches of your Knitting Yarn which enables you to count your stitches a lot easier when following a knitted pattern.

Other Knitting Accessories we have available are a Knitting Gauge for you to check the size of your needles, Needle Point Protectors to keep your project in place when not knitting, Knitting Looms for making hats, scarves and other garments and many more accessories that make knitting projects a lot more enjoyable. Why not come down to one of our stores or look on our website to see our full range of knitting accessories we have available.