With the days getting shorter, the weather taking a turn for the cold and wet and the leaves on the trees changing colour it can only mean that autumn is drawing in. With the change of season comes a change in fashion and this year wool is all in so why not purchase Knitting Wool  and get to work mimicking the style of the season with your own touch.

[caption id="attachment_7634" align="alignleft" width="277"]autumn-leaves Autumn has arrived[/caption]

The bigger the knit the better, seems to be the motto of all the top fashion designers. Long chunky knit cardigans and jumpers reaching the knees means there will be a lot of knitting to be done. But by the end of it all you will be wrapped up snuggly ready for the the winter bite to come. Woollen trousers are also included in the trend so get your Knitting Wool now and cover yourself head to toe!! Woollen trousers also banish the need for tights so they can be combined with dresses or skirts to keep you warm during the cold months but get the most out of your favourite clothes. Oversized is also seeming to be hanging around for autumn. An added bonus as when it gets chilly you have even more of your project to wrap yourself in. Not only that but it is great for hiding those extra pounds that we all put on around this time of year.

However colour and patterns do not have to vanish at this time of year to be replaced by blacks, greys and browns! Why not incorporate an aztec print into your knitting to add that extra flash of colour during these dark days. There are is plenty of Knitting Wool in all sorts of bright colours here at calico laine which will be perfect for knitting yourself a new jumper or dress!