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Lace Fabrics at Calico Laine

Lace Fabric is currently very fashionable with different variations and colours seen on the catwalk for several years now. The trend looks to remain for the foreseeable future too. What we currently see on the catwalk and in fashion magazines are very modern takes on a timeless traditional style. Lace fabric was first regarded as fashionable as early back as the 16th century when the only rich aristocrats and royalty could afford such delicate handmade opulence. As the years passed lace fabrics continued to gain in popularity but remained an expensive commodity. The 16th century fashions accommodated the expense and lace edging on collars and gloves became a more reasonable alternative to a full lace gown. The amount of lace worn represented your wealth. Both Queen Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette are historically renowned for their love of lace fabrics and flamboyant lace ruffled collars. By the 17th century there was a roaring lace trade right across Europe as popularity and desire continued to increased. Lace fabrics have crept in and out of fashion ever since, today lace fabric is manufactured on a huge scale to meet the demands of both shops and home sewers.

Lace is currently a very accessible trend; here at Calico Laine we supply several ranges of lace fabric which include a low-cost light weight style and a heavy weight corded lace. The heavy corded lace is very popular among brides, it’s ideal for both wedding and bridesmaids dresses. When lace fabrics first become popular in the 16th century the colours were very predictable and ordinary. Today the colour ranges that are available are fantastic. This year cerise and turquoise lace fabrics have been our best sellers for bridesmaids while the traditional whites and Ivory’s have remained popular among brides.

This particular range of heavy lace fabric is also very popular for evening dresses, blouses and body con dresses to name a few. The slight stretch in the fabric lends itself well to fitted garments so you get a flattering fit. Over the summer the pink and grey shades were incredibly popular whereas now the red, bottle green and black are proving to be our best selling on the run up to Christmas. Lace fabric is very versatile in dressmaking; it can be used on its own exposing the skin underneath. This look is ideal for sleeves or making a pretty bolero. Lace fabric can also be used as an overlay. It’s always fun to experiment with colours, sometimes a matching lining works best other times a contrast is nice. I’m a particularly big fan of black lace fabric with an ivory underlay. For me these colours give a modern take on a classical timeless look. Without a doubt, lace fabric has stood the test of time and is a fashionable commodity that is here to stay.