In the past few years we have seen a resurgence in vintage style decor in people's homes. There have been programmes on TV showing you how to achieve this look and it has becoming popular. One of the standout items for the vintage look is bunting. Hanging bunting up across your wall instantly gives you a vintage look. Bunting is a quick soft furnishing item that can be made easily from cotton Dress Fabrics.

Using Rose and Hubble Dress Fabrics for bunting

When you create bunting, you would usually look to have a mixture of patterns and plain fabrics. Our range of Rose and Hubble Dress Fabrics are great for this. This range includes a number of different prints including floral, polka dots and stripes. By mixing and matching with plain Dress Fabrics, from the same collection, you can create a beautiful string of bunting. There are hundreds of combinations for every occasion.

Hanging your bunting up with cotton tape

You can make bunting single sided or double sided. If you are going to stick the bunting to the wall, you may simply need one side. If you are hanging it across the room or garden however you may want it to be double sided. This can be achieved easily by sewing two triangles of fabric together. To hang your string of bunting there are two main options; bias binding or cotton tape. Cotton tape is probably the most popular choice to use however some people choose to use bias binding. By using bias binding, you can add colour to the top of your bunting which will add a nice touch to the finished piece.

Bunting for your wedding or special occasion

As well as people using bunting for interior decor it has also been fashionable for weddings and special occasions. Vintage style tea parties and outdoor wedding receptions are in trend and floral Dress Fabric is perfect for this type of venue dressing. With a range of floral Dressmaking Fabrics and polka dots, you can create the perfect vintage look.