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My Favourite Dress Fabrics at Calico Laine

When I’m not working, I can usually be found doing something creative – it’s generally sewing! Having a number of friends who also sew is a great motivator, as well, and over the past few years we have become a sort of sewing bee. We all like to help out on each other’s projects, which can come in handy, and while constructing new garments, we love to have discussions about all things sewing – from Dress Fabrics to techniques to haberdashery items, we are always happy to share our knowledge with each other.

In today’s blog, I’ll be talking about some of our favourite Dress Fabrics to use, and what we would recommend them for. As a group, we go through a lot of these fabrics, so we have had plenty of experience with them and like to use them again and again!

Cotton Plains are available in a whole range of colours. Cotton Plains are available in a whole range of colours.

Cotton Plain – Available in a huge range of colours, this fabric is easy to sew, comfy to wear and is perfect for everything from summer dresses to blouses and bags to cushions. As it is 100% cotton, it can also be dyed to any colour you like, just in case you are after a totally unique shade!

Duchess Satin – This fabric is one of my personal favourites to work with. It has a beautiful look and a luxurious feel, and I have used it on more than one occasion for formalwear. It is 100% polyester, and the colour range here at Calico Laine ensures that whatever your event, you will find the right shade for you.

Egyptian Cotton Muslin – This fabric is fantastic to use for making a toile. It is lightweight and loosely woven, and at such an affordable price we are always happy to use it for rough work before cutting into our more expensive Dress Fabrics. It is also available in a Fire Retardant version.

Duchess Satin is favoured for its lustrous feel and look. Duchess Satin is favoured for its lustrous feel and look.

Dress Net – With its light weight and stiff feel, dress net is great to use for petticoats and underskirts to give your dress a little more ‘oomph’. It can be layered over itself again and again so however big you want your skirt to be, it can be achieved. A lot of our customers also like to mix and match colours from our range for their own unique look.

Have you used any of these Dress Fabrics in your own projects? Do you have any other favourites that you love to use? Leave a message on our Facebook page – we love to hear back from our customers!