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My Favourite Dressmaking Fabrics

As a sewing and dressmaking enthusiast, rarely a day goes by where I don't go home from work with a small haul of Dressmaking Fabrics just waiting to be turned into something new to wear. Whenever our new stock arrives here at our warehouse, I can always be found poring over the brand new rolls of fabric and trying to decide which ones I like the best, while simultaneously debating what I could make from each and every one! If, however, you are unable to visit our stores in person, we also offer the option to purchase our Dressmaking Fabrics online from our website instead.

Even though it is now partway through February, we still have very chilly weather in our part of the United Kingdom. As such, one of my favourite fabrics for this time of year is our double knit jersey. This gorgeous fabric is great for winter garments and is guaranteed to keep the wearer warm and cosy. I have made multiple dresses and skirts from this fabric in all kinds of colours, and my favourite garment to make is a circle dress with a scoop neck and sleeves ranging from three quarter length to wrist length. Paired with a pair of thermal tights, these dresses keep me comfortable during the cold weather whilst still falling into my personal style, making me feel appropriately dresses for the temperature but still happy with the way that I look.

In addition to offering everything we have in our stores as something available to purchase on our website as well, there is also the option to purchase samples of nearly all of our Dressmaking Fabrics online. Samples are available to buy at a cost of merely £1.00 each, and if you are purchasing samples only, postage and packaging within the United Kingdom is free. We always recommend purchasing a sample if you are not sure that a fabric is right for your project, as it enables you to see and feel it before you purchase the full length that you require.

Do you have any personal favourites of your own in our Dressmaking Fabrics? Are you debating over what might be the best fabric for your own sewing projects? Drop us a message on Facebook or contact our friendly sales team either by email or on 0151 336 3939 and they will do their best to help you make the right decision.