Although we are in the middle of summer months we are still not seeing as much sunshine as we hoped. Already people have started looking at warmer Dress Fabrics to make up winter garments ready the colder period. We have recently had some brand new Baby Corduroy Dress Fabrics come in that would be perfect for creating beautiful winter skirts and dungarees.

[caption id="attachment_9204" align="alignleft" width="300"]Baby Corduroy Baby Corduroy[/caption]

Our new baby corduroy fabrics all have a stunning floral design that is very subtle and unique. The warmer tones and small prints within the material will be a very popular look for the upcoming winter trends especially for children's clothing. This Dress Fabric is 112cm wide and composed of 100% cotton making it an excellent quality and durable material. Our baby corduroy comes in 8 different designs with a selection of colours within the prints including navy, red, teal and mauve which can be matched with a variety of other shades.

Baby Corduroy Dress Fabric is often seen in a lot of children's and women's winter wear including jackets, dungarees and little dresses that look beautiful dressed with tights and boots to keep warm and comfortable. However if you are looking for a more plain colour corduroy we also have a election of 8 whale corduroy available in a large range of colours from bright pinks to more deep tones like navy. Our 8 whale corduroy is also composed of 100% cotton and is slightly longer with a  width of 145cm.

If you are thinking of creating your winter wardrobe early I would highly recommend our new baby corduroy Dress Fabrics for style, warmth and comfort.