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New Dressmaking Fabrics

The last few weeks have been very busy at calico laine especially for the web team getting all the brand new Dressmaking Fabrics uploaded onto our website. We have seen a wide range of lovely fabrics come in with us that are all perfect for creating stunning garments and other sewing creations for this season.

Navy Sparkle Corded Lace Fabric Navy Sparkle Corded Lace Fabric

When new Dressmaking Fabrics arrive on our delivery the process for the web team begins. Firstly the fabrics are unpacked and checked that they have all arrived in great condition then a member of the web team begins the photography side. Each fabric is displayed in different ways such as close up shots and swirl shots that are then photographed and edited to be displayed on the website. Once the pictures are done and the descriptions of each fabric are typed up the fabrics are ready to go live. Each Dressmaking Fabric is displayed both in their own section and new arrivals section so people having a browse can look at what new products we have each week. Some of the lovely new materials we have had in this week are crepe fabrics, suede fabrics, more christmas fabrics and sparkle lace fabrics which are already becoming extremely popular with our customers. The sparkle corded lace fabrics are a particular favourite of mine due to the range of colours the selection is in and the beautiful sparkle detail that catches everyones eye. The sparkle lace is an evening wear material which is popular for bespoke designs and special occasion outfits. This lace fabric has a beautiful scalloped edging that will be perfect for creating elegant features on different garments such as delicate hems or necklines. With the added sparkle effect this lace stands out from the other corded lace materials and gives a more glamorous and stylish look to your finished garment.

Even though the lace is one of my favourites out of our new Dressmaking Fabrics all the materials that we have had in this week are all stunning and unique in their own way. The scuba stretch suede material is also very popular due to the vibrant colours available and the slight stretch in the material giving it a more comfortable feel than our other regular suede fabrics. Please take a look at our range of Dressmaking Fabrics both in store and online in our fabrics section as well as our new products in our new arrivals section.