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New Haberdashery Online to help you with your sewing

Last weekend we had a summer open day at our Neston store to showcase all of our new fabrics and products around the store for local customers. One of the features of the day was a 'try before you buy' haberdashery table to allow customers to see and handle haberdashery items that they might not be familiar from our range. These products were either newly available in our Haberdashery Online section or items that we may have had for a little while that we, as sewers ourselves, love and wanted to share with our loyal customers. Here are a few of the items we demonstrated from our Haberdashery Online range :

Prym Textile Repair Powder - When you are buying Haberdashery Online you may not automatically think of repair products but these can be essential if you are wanting to selvedge a garment rather than buy brand new. Ultimately this product is a powdered version of the well know hemming tape 'Wundaweb' however when you are using it to repair a fabric you use it in a slightly different way. Prym suggest on the directions to cut out a small 'window template' the size of the patch that you are repairing so that you can lay this down on the fabric when you sprinkle the powder in order for it not to get too messy and go onto other parts of your garment. This template can also be used to trace on the fabric you are cutting for the patch so that it is the same size. Once the powder is sprinkled, you remove the template carefully and position the fabric patch in place to be ironed. The patch needs to be covered with a damp cloth and ironed carefully until dry and then your garment is ready to go!

Prym Elastic and Tape Threader - A lot of customers come to us and buy elastic for making elasticated waistbands on skirts and trousers. Most people usually use a safety pin attached to the end of the elastic to feed it through the waistband channel however this can be pretty tricky at times and if you lose hold of the safety pin, the elastic can fall back out and you have to start again. This new product, which can be found within our Haberdashery Online, is a great little alternative to the safety pin. The packet includes three different size threaders for different size waistbands and each includes ruler markers on them to help you get your waistband even when you are turning it over. The threaders are much longer than a safety pin so they are much easier to use and less likely for you to lose hold of.

Dafa Rotary Cutter - For those customers who prefer to cut their fabric using a rotary cutter instead of scissors or for quilters, the Dafa rotary cutter is a great Haberdashery item to have. These are a cheaper alternative to the Olfa rotary cutters but do not compromise of quality. They are suitable for right and left handed users and have a cushion spot handle which gives a more comfortable grip. The replacement blades are also available to buy within our Haberdashery Online.