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New scissors added to our Haberdashery selection

Whatever craft or sewing project you are undertaking you are more than likely going to need a good pair of scissors for the job. There is nothing worse than coming to start your project and not having the right equipment or poor quality tools that just won't do the job. At Calico Laine, we pride ourselves in offering a good range of high quality Haberdashery items that will allow you to carry out great quality work for now and years to come. This week we have added a number of new scissors to our Haberdashery range. Here is a quick run down of some of the new additions:

XCUT 6.75 Inch Craft Pro Scissors - These scissors are from the manufacturer Do Crafts and are an excellent set of craft scissors. They can be used for cutting a variety of craft materials including paper, foam and card meaning that they would be a great Haberdashery buy for anyone who did card making or paper craft. The blades on these scissors are titanium coated giving them extra durability and sharpness which will cut through a number of layers at one time. These scissors also have large soft grip handles which make them particularly comfortable to use.

XCUT 4.5 Inch Micro Craft Scissors - These scissors have non- stick coated blades and are ideal for precision cutting due to the size of the blades. They can be used for craft projects where you need to do delicate cutting such as decoupage as well as being useful for embroidery and needlework projects. Again these have a soft grip handle giving them extra comfort when cutting.

XCUT 9 Inch Dressmakers Scissors - If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to our Fiskars and Prym dressmaking scissors than these scissors could be just what you are after. Again, found in our Haberdashery section online, these are great for cutting lightweight fabric and can be used for a number of dressmaking projects. The handles of these scissors are offset which allows you to cut fabric against a flat surface easily and also have a soft grip to them. With titanium blades, these are a durable set of scissors that will last.

XCUT Scissor Set - If you are looking to start your Haberdashery collection or replace some existing scissors in your sewing box than this four piece set is a great deal. At £17.99 for a pair of thread snips, 10" all purpose scissors, 8.5" household scissors and 5.5" fine point sewing scissors you can't go wrong!