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One Stop Fabric Shop

Fabric-World is your one stop Fabric shop. We are an online retailer who have been active for several years now. We have recently refurbished our website making it more appealing and modern as well as updating our product range and stock levels.

We stock a vast range of Bridal Fabrics, giving you a wonderful array of options for your big day. A lot of people tend to make there own bridesmaid dresses now as they can create unique one offs in the colour and material of there choice, rather than having to buy from a local high street shop. Here at Calico Laine the most popular choices for bridesmaid dresses seem to be ours Satins and Chiffon with a lot of people incorporating our Lace material to add those finishing touches.

Our Dressmaking Fabric section is filled with a huge variety of different materials. Our Dressmaking Fabrics are not only ideal for professional tailors and seamstresses but for customers who are taking up the hobby for the first time. We work with customers of all levels, we offer new comers advice on the correct materials to use for certain projects, as well as offering tips and tricks to the seasoned dressmaking professional.

One section that we have worked on to try and get correct for our customers is our Haberdashery section, we have tried to make this as easy as possible to navigate through, as well as offer a range of everything that we feel every dressmaker may require for there projects.

We feel here at Calico Laine that we are competitive with our pricing structure throughout our website, and that we have a wide variety of items and discounts on offer for you.