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Popular Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine

Dressmaking is a popular hobby all year round and at Calico Laine we love all the different dressmaking fabrics for each season. Today I am going to go through some of our most popular fabrics and explain their content and also what they can be made into.

Rose and Hubble Cotton Prints: These are perfect for summer dresses and make up and wash really well. They are all 115cm wide and made from 100% cotton.

Leather Look Dressmaking Fabrics Leather look dressmaking fabrics at Calico Laine.

Leather Look Fabrics: A very popular fabric at present and very much in demand, these range of fabrics are ideal for skirts, dresses and trousers.

Plain Cotton Spandex: I've made a number of dresses out of this fabric and I'm always happy with how comfortable they are. The spandex in the cotton adds a real level of comfort and they always turn out really well.

Tartan Fabrics: These are all 150m and made from polyester and viscose. I have used these on a number of occasions and find they are very durable and make up well. In the past I have made skirts, dresses and even a blazer from these.

Duchess Satin Dressmaking Fabrics High quality Japanese Duchess satin at Calico Laine.

Duchess Satins: Every girl has a satin dress in their collection! It's no secret that a good quality satin dress will last you many years. At Calico Laine our range of duchess satins are made in Japan and are 150cm wide.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog entry today. I have only gone over a small number of the fabrics that I have used in the past month or so. If you have ever used any of the fabrics I have talked about today then why not share your creations and thoughts with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages? We love to see what happens to our fabrics once they leave us!

Until next time,


Calico Laine