When seasons change different Dressmaking Fabrics become more popular with our customers. A garment for a specific time of year will mean you need to focus on weight and thickness of materials. This is why different Dress Fabrics are popular in different seasons. At this time of year people are still thinking about keeping warm and comfortable in fashionable pieces of clothing.

Corduroy Dressmaking Fabric

Corduroy Fabric is a popular material due to its quality and weight which is perfect for this time of year. This Dress Fabric is particularly popular due to its appearance and soft touch. Corduroy is a very versatile material that be made up into a variety of garments. You can create pieces such as skirts, trousers and jackets. As well as creating garments, you can also make up interior items such as cushions and accessories like bags. Corduroy Dress Fabric is great for the older months due to its warmth and durability qualities.

Our Corduroy Dressmaking Fabric is available in 8 wale or 14 wale design. Both materials come in stunning colour options that are very suitable for autumn/winter seasons such as tan, brown and wine.

Tartan Dressmaking Fabrics

Tartan Fabric is also a popular material around this time of year. With burns night approaching this Dress Fabric is ideal for creating fashionable garments this time of year. You can create anything from clothing such as skirts, dresses and jackets. Accessories such as bags and purses can also be created with this fabric.

Our Tartan Dressmaking Fabric comes in a range of traditional tartan designs such as royal stewart and blackwatch. These prints are ideal for those who want to create traditional scottish designs like kilts. We also do a range of contemporary tartan designs with more brighter colours and unique designs for more fashionable pieces.

As well as Corduroy and Tartan Dress Fabrics we do a large range of different Dressmaking materials. Our Dressmaking Fabrics are shown under the dressmaking section online.

Corduroy Dressmaking Fabrics