[caption id="attachment_9702" align="alignleft" width="210"]Nude Power Net Power Net Fabric is ideal for dance wear[/caption]

School holidays are well and truly over and it is that time of year again where the battle of the reality shows take place with X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing fighting for viewers week in and week out. A couple of weeks ago saw the launch of series 13 of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC one with celebrities such as Peter Andre, Jamelia and Ainsley Harriet taking part in the chance to win the glitter ball trophy. Similar to how The Great British Bake Off has inspired people to start baking, Strictly has encouraged people to take up ballroom dancing and one reason that women like to dance is because of the fabulous costumes. Here at Calico Laine we stock a number of fabrics which can be used to create ballroom dancing costumes with Power Net Fabric being one of the most useful.

Power Net Fabric, also known as body stocking is a lightweight, stretchy mesh material that is ideal for dance costumes, especially those with cut outs as this fabric provides coverage for the dancer while still giving the impression of skin showing. It is used a lot in the latin ballroom costumes as these are usually a bit more risque and show a lot of skin however with Power Net Fabric you can still be covered and these areas can even be embellished with diamante to make the outfit stand out more and catch the light when the dancer is on the dance floor.

Power Net Fabric has a composition of 82% nylon and 18% spandex making it a very stretchy material. This is a desirable trait to have when you are using it for dance wear as it means that as you move into different positions on the dance floor it will move with you and will not be restricting. It can be used to make sleeves on a costume, to help create pattern with other fabrics and as a base layer for a costume under other materials. It is available in a variety of colour shades to cater for different skin tones as well as being available in some more unusual colours such as powder and damson.