Satin Fabrics are popular for bridal and costume wear due to their beautiful glossy finish, attractive draping quality and soft feel. Here at Calico Laine we have many options of satin to choose from depending on what you are hoping to make.

At the lower end of the price range, making it ideal for fancy dress or costume production, is our economy Satin Fabric. Economy satin is a lightweight satin which comes in a wide variety of colours including classics such as red and royal and neon colours such as fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green. It is 150 centimetres wide and machine washable at 40 degrees.

Silky satin is a very drapey lightweight fabric with a lovely feel to it which is ideal for not only drapey dressmaking but also for an extra special lining. There are even some floral designs available making this ideal for kimonos and dressing gowns.

Sometimes people prefer a more versatile satin and out of all of our Satin Fabrics the satin back crepe fits the bill. Satin back crepe is a beautiful quality satin which you can use either the satin side or the crepe side of. The crepe side has a matt finish which makes for a nice contrast if wanting to use both sides for the same garment. It is a medium weight fabric making it more suitable for bridal or occasion wear that drapes well. It is 115 centimetres wide and can also be used for venue dressing and table runners.

If you are looking for Satin Fabrics that have the appearance of raw silk but are easier to care for then satin back dupion is ideal. The finish of this fabric is different to other satins because it has a distinctive irregular surface that runs throughout the fabric giving it its natural silk appearance. Unlike silk this fabric is machine washable and is 115 centimetres wide.

At the top end of the price range in our Satin Fabrics is our duchess satin. Duchess satin is a very sumptuous satin fabric which is the ideal weight for formal or more structured dressmaking. The duchess satin is available in a brilliant range of colours which are suited to occasion wear including dark mint, cornflower blue and buttercup to name a few. As this fabric has more weight to it it is ideal for cravats or bridal dresses which require more structure. Alternatively, if you are looking for a duchess satin that has more drape to it but is still a heavy weight fabric, the super soft duchess satin is perfect for this. We also have a stretch duchess satin if your garment requires more give. When taking care of our duchess satins we recommend that you cool iron only and dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended.