Here at Calico Laine, we stock many different kinds of fabrics and one of our best sellers is undoubtedly our huge range of Satin Fabrics. These gorgeous cloths are favoured for their shiny, lustrous finishes and are sought after for all sorts of reasons, including bridal wear, bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses and much more.

To offer a little history on the origin of Satin Fabrics, the material received its name from the Chinese city of Quanzhou - whose name translated to 'Zayton' in medival Arabic and was the first town where Satin was imported. Today, there are many different kinds of Satin, ranging from the budget-friendly economy satin - perfect for fancy dress and venue dressing - to the beautiful duchess satin, sought after for its luxurious finish which has an amazing sheen but with a matte finish, resulting in a material that gives an impression of luxury and high quality while remaining more budget friendly than expensive fabrics such as silks.

Satin Fabrics are not only used for formal wear - they are also used for other clothing such as elegant day wear and posh blouses, and even lingerie (our lighter weight silky satins would be a perfect choice for this sort of project). Away from clothing, Satin can also be used for soft furnishings around the home, such as cushion covers, curtains and even beautiful quality bedding. In order to suit everyone's tastes, we at Calico Laine strive to have as big a colour range as we can manage across all of our satin ranges, so whatever shades you are looking for and whatever your budget is, no matter how big or small, there is bound to be something suitable to your projects and preferred colours.

Another use for our Satin Fabrics is for venue dressing and set dressing for theatres and stages. We have many customers who seek a large amount of suitable fabric for their event on a budget, so we suggest taking a look at our economy satins. These lightweight fabrics look great when draped on a stage or across a chair, and can be an excellent way to jazz up the look of your event while not breaking the bank. They also look fantastic when paired with some of our other fabrics such as our chiffons, which also have a massive colour range, ensuring a close - if not exact - match in your chosen shade.

Do you have any tips for using Satin Fabrics? Perhaps you have made something yourself using them - leave a message on our Facebook page and let us know!