We often get customers coming to us when they are going to a party and need to create a fancy dress outfit and with our large range of dressmaking fabrics we can usually find something that will suit their ideas. People do not want to spend too much money when they are creating fancy dress as the outfit is usually only going to be worn once or maybe twice at the most. Our cost effective fabrics such as polycotton plain, cotton plain and economy Satin Fabric are usually the most popular from our range.

Economy Satin Fabric is a great fabric for fancy dress costumes as it is only £2.99 per metre so will not break the bank and at 150cm wide it will accommodate most dressmaking pattern requirements. This satin is a lightweight fabric and has a good shine to it making it especially good for princess dresses or superhero capes. Economy Satin Fabric is available in a large range of colours from bright primary colours to pastel shades as well as black and white. If you are thinking of creating a Halloween fancy dress costume we also stock lightweight economy satins featuring spider webs and stars which are great for making vampire capes and witches outfits.

Fancy dress costumes are not always just for parties and recently people have been coming to us when they are going to a comic con and want to dress up as a comic book, film or TV character. Many of these costumes are very elaborate and people are keen to get their costumes accurate so that they look just like the character they are emulating. Many of these costumes can include metres of fabric. Some of our mid price range Satin Fabrics can be used for making comic con outfits with our duchess satin fabric particulary popular for making Disney princess dresses including Belle and Cinderella's ballgowns as it holds it structure well for the skirt part of the dress.

I recently visited a comic con in Chester and was amazed by the effort that had been put into the outfits and the creativity that had been mustered up to create them. There were a number of Poison Ivy costumes, a character from Batman, that had been made and many had been created with Satin Fabric. One fabric that would be ideal for making a poison ivy outfit would be bottle satin back dupion as this has a beautiful texture which could emulate the texture on leaves and the colour would be ideal.

If you have ever made a fancy dress costume using our Satin Fabric why not post a picture on our social media pages to show us how creative you have been. We would love to see.