With Christmas just around the corner, it is definitely party season with parties happening all over the place for Christmas and New Year. It is the perfect time to be dressmaking using Satin Fabrics to make yourself a unique outfit for the work Christmas Do or even a Christmas Day shindig. Satin Fabric is a luxurious fabric which has a glossy finish to it, giving you a elegant and classy look. It can be used as a cost effective alternative to silk without losing the aesthetics of silk. Whether you are looking to create a new little black dress or go for something with a bit of colour, Calico Laine will be able to help with our large selection of satins.

One of my personal favourite Satin Fabrics from our extensive range is the satin back crepe due to its versatility. Satin back crepe is a reversible fabric which can be used on the shiny satin side or on the more matte crepe side. This means that if desired you could create some interest on your garment by mainly using the satin side and then maybe having one panel in the crepe finish or vice versa. I also like the fact that this fabric when used on the Satin side has a texture to it from the crepe finish on the underside. This makes is stand out from other Satin Fabrics which tend to have more of a smooth finish. This fabric comes in a large range of colours however my favourite is the bottle as I think this would make a great dress for the Christmas season and goes perfectly with my red hair!

Another great Satin Fabric for making a party outfit, especially if you are going to a Christmas ball or more formal event is the super soft duchess satin. This fabric has the weight of a duchess satin and the same high quality yet it has a lovely drape to it which you do not usually find with a traditional duchess satin. The wine or red super soft would look gorgeous made up into a long ball gown and would really make you stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking to create an outfit for a fancy dress Christmas or New Year party, our range of economy Satin Fabrics are ideal. These are the most cost effective satins in our selection and would look especially good made into Mrs Claus or Elf outfits for a fun party outfit. These Satin Fabrics are lightweight and affordable while still giving you a lustrous, stunning outfit.