Satin Fabrics have been one of our best-selling dressmaking fabrics for over 40 years and have long been considered one of the most stylish and fashionable fabrics in the fashion industry. For many years Satin Fabric was only available to those blessed with great wealth however, with the advances in manufacturing techniques Satin Fabric is now readily available to almost anybody regardless of budget. It is widely acknowledged that Satin Fabrics originated from China and date back to almost 2000 years ago. The fabric is named after the Chinese town of Zayton and was first exported to the west as far back as the time of the Ancient Greeks and is documented as having arrived in Europe sometime during the middle ages. In the years before the invention of manufactured fibres most Satin Fabrics were woven from silk or very fine cotton and was so scarce and valuable it was often reserved for the church and nobility alone. The weaving ands spinning methods used to manufacture Satin Fabrics have not changed a great deal over time however due to the vast availability of manufactured fibres and modern machinery these gorgeous fabrics can now be produces at great speed resulting in a fabric which is readily available to all.

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Satin Fabrics are widely associated with bridal gowns with Satin having been utilised as a bridal fabric as far back as the late 1800s when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 she chose an intricate design of luxurious Satin Fabric - the fashion conscious ladies of the time were keen to emulate the monarch's glamorous style and since then Satin has risen in popularity year after year as a bridal gown. It was also around this time that Satin Fabrics began to make an appearance in Paris in the form of luxury lingerie with the most fashionable ladies in society choosing it for their high-end undergarments. During the 1980s and early 1990s corsets were once again back in fashion, a resurgence that was largely attributed to the popularity of punk and goth fashion. Superstars including Madonna set the trend for wearing corsets as outwear as part of their stage costume. During the Blonde Ambition tour of the nineties, Madonna wore her now iconic pink corset sewn from a beautiful shade of Satin Fabric and designed by John Paul Gaultier which has since been sold at auction for an enormous £30,000. Satin Fabric is still a popular choice for luxury lingerie items with some of the world's biggest fashion houses such as Victoria's Secret choosing the fabric for their luxury lines.

Satin Fabric has not always been the mainstream fabric we know today however with the invention of acetate and polyester fibres during the twenties and thirties, Satin has become much more readily available. Perhaps one of the best selling manufactured fibres of this kind is duchess satin; this luxurious blend of rayon and silk is often used as a more cost effect alternative to 100% silk satin and is a fabric of particularly attractive appearance. This stunning material is now the most popular choice of fabric for fancy and extravagant designs of dress including evening wear, prom dresses and bridal gowns. Celebrities have chosen Satin Fabric for their most special and glamorous events for many years and it is often seen taking centre stage at awards shows and film premieres across the globe.

One of the most iconic Satin dresses of all times is the shocking pink design work by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Designed by William Travilla this stunning strapless, floor length gown featuring a huge bow embellishment and paired with satin gloves - with Marilyn's platinum blonde hair and diamonds this was one of the most iconic looks in film history. It is believed that this dress has been the inspiration for many copy-cat gowns, most notably that worn by Madonna in her Material Girl video.

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