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Sewing Accessories

If you're a keen sewer and dressmaker like me then you will more than likely have a large box that you keep your sewing supplies in. Recently I have added a number of new items to my Haberdashery box. This brings me on to the topic of my entry today - the latest new sewing items that are available here at Calico Laine. As a general rule we don't stock or sell anything that we haven't tried or used ourselves.

Below I will list some of my favourite new items:

Milward Machine Needles: These are a high quality machine needle and if you are like me, then there is nothing worse than having to keep changing needles every two minutes! These along with the Prym needles are good quality items that I am very pleased to be working with.

Scissors: This section has grown dramatically since the launch of our new site and I really like the new scissors by Prym. They are excellent quality and we are using these more and more at Calico Laine as part of our own Haberdashery collection.

Dressmaking Markers: These are very handy for marking out patterns and following lines. We have extended this section quite a lot since the launch of our new site. I particularly like the aqua trick marker pen.

Pins: Who would of thought that there could be so much choice in pins? When it  comes to dressmaking, pins really are a must have item. My personal favourite are the Neon Headed Pins by Prym. The main reason for this is that they stand out really well when I'm sewing and using my machine, making them hard to miss!

I hope you have enjoyed me talking today about some of my favourite new items that are now online here at Calico Laine. If you have used any of these items yourself then please do share your thoughts, advice and even creations with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We would love to hear from you,

Until next time,

Calico Laine