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Summer Sewing Essentials at Calico Laine

Summer is the perfect time of year for stocking up on all of your essential Sewing accessories ready for the upcoming season. We carry a wide range of Sewing accessories which are ideal for all of your dressmaking projects all year round. Whilst creating our selection of essential Sewing items we have taken great care to consider which are the most important items in our own Sewing kits and have put together a fantastic selection of accessories essential for any dressmakers kit from novice hobbyists to professional seamstresses and tailors. Here are details of just some of our most popular Sewing tools for the spring/summer season:

Quick Un-Pick - sometimes referred to as a stitch ripper or seam ripper, quick un-pick is one of the most useful tools in any Sewing kit. Designed to make easy work of taking apart stitches or seams, there is no need to struggle with your scissors to un-pick mistakes.

haberdashery-300x300 We carry a wide range of Sewing tools to purchase online or in store.

Scissors - when undertaking any Sewing or dressmaking project is is important to ensure that you are choosing the correct type of scissors for you fabric; don't be tempted to use household scissors that weren't specifically made for dressmaking as you will not achieve a smooth, neat cut and may end up damaging your fabric. It is important to invest in at least one pair of good quality Sewing scissors at the start of your journey, we recommend the excellent quality fiskars range, these are the scissors we use fault in our stores to cut our customers bespoke orders and are available in both right and left handed variations. Remember never to use dressmaking scissors for cutting anything other than fabric as this will dull your blade and will result in nicks in your fabric making it unsuitable for use. We also carry a range of scissor sharpeners perfect for restoring your blades to their former glory and extending the life of your scissors.

Threads - we carry a high variety of threads ideal for a wide variety of Sewing and dressmaking projects. The most popular brand by a long way is Gutermann; these excellent quality threads are available in an enormous selection of shades so you can be sure to find the perfect thread to complement your choice of fabric. Gutermann threads are available in a range of sizes from a 100m reel all the way up to a 1000m reel in many of the most popular shades. The large reels are a popular choice for commercial projects and for customers who use a lot of thread in a particular colour and are fantastic value for money.

Tape Measures - an important tool for both Sewing and dressmaking projects, tape measures are used by seamstresses and tailors for taking body measurements and are imperative for ensuring an accurate cut and perfect fit garment. We carry a wide range of tape measures; our selection of prym tape measures are one of our best selling Sewing items and includes the professional tape measure, retractable tape measure and the press stud design.

Dressmaking Pins -  used to hold your fabric in place and ensure precision cutting for a perfect fit garment. Dressmaking pins are used to hold pattern pieces in place whilst you work and to provide a rough guide of what your finished garment will look like prior to Sewing. Our selection of dressmaking pins include glass headed sewing pins which are ideal for tailoring, sequin and bead ions, bridal pins, lace pins and much more.