With all of this cold weather we're currently suffering, a lot of our customers are staying inside and cracking on with a lot of Sewing projects to keep themselves busy. As I am personally looking forward to the summer this year, I am working on a number of dresses that I can wear when the weather is a bit warmer and the sun is shining.

In today's blog, we'll be covering a few fabrics that would be that perfect Sewing project for summer those summer clothes, so that you can prepare for the heat well in advance.

Cotton Lawn - Our cotton lawns are incredibly soft to the touch, and feel great when being worn. We supply cotton lawns in a number of patterns, and hopefully soon we will be stocking some plain colours as well. The quality of these fabrics is outstanding and they are always very popular, year after year.

Cotton Prints - From florals and stripes to polka-dots and children's prints, our cotton prints are wonderful to work with and when the prices start at just £2.99 a metre, they are almost too good to be true. We have a massive range of cotton prints so there is bound to be at least one to suit you, no matter your tastes.

Cotton Spandex Plains - With a range of colours including neutrals, pastels and bright shades, our cotton spandex plains have just a little bit of stretch which make them great to use for garments such as skirts and shorts. Despite part of their make-up being a small amount of spandex, they are very easy to work with and look fantastic when made up.

Linen - A customer favourite, our linens are available in a number of different colours and are very popular all year round. It is a fabric that keeps you cool in the summer sun, and a lot of our customers love to use it for trousers and shorts.

Have you used any of these fabrics in your own dressmaking projects? Have you made anything ready for summer yet? Take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers can come up with!