So, we all know in the summer all you want to do is sit outside in your garden sipping on a nice iced beverage enjoying the sun (when we have some). Well right now the sun is shining and there is only one more thing I can think of to make this summer more fun in your garden- bunting!

[caption id="attachment_9295" align="alignright" width="168"]25mm Hot Pink Cotton Bias Binding Roll 25mm Hot Pink Cotton Bias Binding Roll[/caption]

The best thing about bunting is it is so easy to make your own as it is made by stringing, typically, colourful triangles, or any shape you desire, really. Sewing your own bunting is done in three quick and easy steps.

Step 1, pick the colour, size and length you want your bias binding to be. You will need the bias to hold all of your fabric triangles together and to attach it either a fence or tree etc.

Step 2, pick your fabric. If you are like me you may want to use lots of different patterns so that your bunting is a bit quirky, or if your garden has a colour scheme already you could pick just the one plain or patterned fabric. Whatever you choose to do, if you love it  then your crafting will be successful!

[caption id="attachment_9296" align="alignleft" width="150"]Blue Camper Print Fabric (CP0200) Blue Camper Print Fabric (CP0200)[/caption]

Step 3, cutting your fabric into triangles (or again, what ever shape you want), all you'll need is to make a template of the size you want, which can be made from something as simple as a cereal box and then put it over your fabric and cut around.

 Step 4, when you have done all of this you should be ready to start your Sewing. All you need to do is fold the bias over the top edge of your triangle, pin it in place and then Sewing in a straight line from one end of your bias to another, taking out all the pins, you have made a fabulous set of bunting.