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Smart Dressmaking Fabrics

If you are planning to make smart dress wear whether it is for work or a formal event we have many options Dressmaking Fabrics available here at Calico Laine. Depending on what sort of look you are going for, we shall try to help make your decision!

A beautiful rich fabric is our range of Crepe. Crepe is a classic looking fabrics which is perfect for trousers, skirts, suits and many other ideas. We have recently added a choice of new colours too, which are lovely and vibrant! The great thing about Crepe is that it has a stunning textured look to it and will create a great full bodied garment without being to heavy! The ‘Lime Crepe’ is one of my personal favourites which is so vibrant and rich to look at and even softer to the touch. It will definitely brighten up any outfit and is a lovely alternative to the darker colours which seem to appear throughout the colder months! Crepe is 150 cm wide and will create a beautiful flowing garment!

Another extremely popular choice at the moment is our Double Knit Jersey. This is the perfect fabric to make into clothing such as body con dresses for work, well fitting trousers or many other ideas you may have. It is a heavier weight Jersey but has beautiful body to it and will drape really really well. As it is a stretchy fabric it will hug the body in all the right places and will be so comfortable to wear, it is also super soft too!

Looking for an elegant fabric to make into an evening wear garment? We really would recommend using Microfibre..It is luxuriously soft fabric to work with and is the most beautiful flowing fabric you can buy. It will make a stunning evening dress, and the colours that are available really are out of this world! Microfibre has a matte finish to it and is beautifully soft to the touch! It is 150 cm wide and made from 100% polyester.

We have many other Dressmaking Fabrics available so come and have a look around at our wonderful selection! If you are unsure of colours and weights, we offer a sampling service so you can make sure you have made the right choice for you!