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  • Making bunting using cotton Dress Fabrics

    In the past few years we have seen a resurgence in vintage style decor in people's homes. There have been programmes on TV showing you how to achieve this look and it has becoming popular. One of the standout items for the vintage look is bunting. Hanging bunting up across your wall instantly gives you a vintage look. Bunting is a quick soft furnishing item that can be made easily from cotton Dress Fabrics. Using Rose and Hubble Dress Fabrics for bunting When you create bunting, you would usually look to have a mixture of patterns and plain fabrics. Our range of R… Read More
  • How To: Make Bunting

    Last weekend was the Queen's official birthday, and here at Calico Laine, we celebrated in style with a day-long sale full of bargains and discounts for all of our customers. In order to make our stores look festive for the occasion, we created numerous strands of bunting using our cotton fabrics, including red, royal blue and of course, our Union Flag cotton prints - and we like the look of it so much that we have kept it up in our stores to show our support for Euro 2016 and the Olympics! Bunting is a simple decoration to make, but it is very effective at making… Read More
  • Sewing your own bunting

    So, we all know in the summer all you want to do is sit outside in your garden sipping on a nice iced beverage enjoying the sun (when we have some). Well right now the sun is shining and there is only one more thing I can think of to make this summer more fun in your garden- bunting! 25mm Hot Pink Cotton Bias Binding Roll The best thing about bunting is it is so easy to make your own as it is made by stringing, typically, colourful triangles, or any shape you desire, really. Sewing your own bunting is done in three quick and easy steps. Step 1, pick the colour, s… Read More

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