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  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Choosing the right dress lining

    When selecting your Dressmaking Fabric you may also want to consider colour matching to a dress lining. Linings are used to line a variety of sewn items such as clothing, hats, bags and many more. They give a strong finish to the inside of a garment while concealing interlinings, raw edges and padding.  Linings extend the life of a garment and add warmth - especially in the cold winter months! Lining a garment adds a smoother finish when clothing is being worn, helps to shape it and prevents the garment from stretching - any garment will hang much better… Read More
  • Rose and Hubble Dressmaking Fabrics

    We have a huge selection of Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine, from satin to voile, gingham to corduroy but one of our biggest ranges is our cotton prints which includes many gorgeous prints from the renowned Rose and Hubble. Rose and Hubble manufacture printed cotton fabric, usually in a width of 112cm, which vary in patterns from floral designs to children's prints with animals on. There is always a bit of a buzz in the warehouse when we are expecting a new delivery of these Dressmaking Fabrics as we get excited to see what new prints have arrived and this w… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabric - Beginners Guide

    If you're new to the world of Dressmaking it can be a bit of a daunting task choosing the right dressmaking fabric for your project. Here are a few tips to guide you through the maze to your perfect dress. Beginners guide to Dressmaking Fabric The Dressmaking Fabrics you'll be looking at will either be woven or knitted, and range from fabrics made from animal fibres like wool/silk, plant fibres such as cotton/linen or man-made fibres like nylon. You'll find that knitted fabrics are far more stretchy than woven ones. Here is a brief list to help you decide … Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics for Children's clothes

    I'm at that stage in life when everybody around me seems to be having babies or already have children and I have noticed that with a lot of people, their time and money all tends to be spent on the children as they are the most important thing in their life. One of the fun things to spend your money on when you have children, especially girls, is cute outfits for them to wear. If you are creatively minded then you may like to try a little bit of Dressmaking and hand make some clothes for your little ones. This can be a cost effective way of dressing your child … Read More
  • Fabrics Online from Calico Laine

    With the cold weather starting to set in, we are having plenty of customers visiting our website to buy Fabrics Online for creating warmer clothing to see them through the chilly winter. Here at Calico Laine, our latest updates to our stock include a whole slew of new fabrics suitable to wear in winter, such as flannels, wools, corduroys and much more. If you are interested in taking a look at our latest Fabrics Online, then look no further than our New Arrivals section on our website. Here, you can scroll through everything new that we have added to our stock, al… Read More
  • Buying Fabric Online with Calico Laine

    In this day and age, we sometimes forget how easy and convenient technology has made our lives - for example, as well as shopping with us in person at both of our stores here at Calico Laine, you can also Buy Fabrics Online from us through our website. This service has enabled us to help customers from all over the world who have been searching for that perfect fabric to complete their sewing project, yet may not be fortunate enough to live within reasonable distance of a fabric store that they can visit in person. At Calico Laine, we like to be fair to our custom… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Strictly Sparkle

    Last weekend saw the long anticipated return of Strictly Come Dancing - since its debut in 2004 Strictly has been one of the most popular programmes on our screens. Every series we see a new cast of celebrities take to the flow to learn a variety of dance routines including the waltz and the foxtrot clad in spectacular dancer costumes composed of the most stunning Dressmaking Fabrics. The talented wardrobe department at the BBC is responsible for creating the breathtaking designs. Head designers, Vicky Gill and her team have a number of aspects to consider when th… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Pantone Pink

    For many designers and dressmakers, the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year is perhaps one of the most anticipated and important events of the year. Designers will base their collections around the Pantone choice as it is a huge indicator of which shades will be prevalent on the catwalk and in turn, in high street stores. Of course, Dressmaking Fabric suppliers like ourselves Pantone's chosen colour is also particularly important as it signals which shades of fabric will be big in fashion for the upcoming season and of course, these fabrics will be in … Read More
  • Fabrics Online - LBD

    In the world of fashion what is in and what is out changes on what seems like a daily basis however, one item remains a fashion staple and that is the Little Black Dress. The LBD is a timeless piece dating back to the 1920s. Classic designers such as Coco Chanel and Jean Patou created a variety of versatile designs that have lasted the test of time and made them available to the most fashion conscious women from all walks of life - their classic designs were of the highest quality and stitched from the best quality Fabrics so ladies could be sure that they were s… Read More
  • Buy Fabric Online to get ready for Christmas

    So, this weekend is the August bank holiday and a time that means that it is the end of the summer. It will soon be September and the kids will be returning to school, after a long six weeks off. As soon as the schools start the autumn term, most parents start to think about the dreaded 'C' word...Christmas! It may seem a little too early to be thinking about santa claus, reindeers and presents however if you are looking to Buy Fabric Online to create decorations for the festive period, it is never too early.Christmas is a time of year that brings the whole fami… Read More

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