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  • Buy Haberdashery - Needles

    When you Buy Haberdashery for sewing and are looking for needles you will find that they are available in a number of different shapes and sizes suitable for a variety of projects. To complete your project properly it is essential that you choose the correct needle for use. Most people are familiar with the standard hand sewing needles and machine needles but here we will discuss the more unusual that you may have not been aware of when you Buy Haberdashery. Doll Needles: Here at Calico Laine we want to ensure that when you Buy Haberdashery you are getting the be… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    This year so far has seen a lot of new customers coming into our stores with the intention to take up dressmaking as a hobby, and the start of The Great British Sewing Bee this week will only help to inspire more people to start creating their own garments. Our friendly sales team is always happy to help, and in a bid to help our inexperienced customers out, we will be talking a few items that we think are essential when you come to Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine. Scissors – It is incredibly important to use the correct type of scissors on your fabric; don't … Read More
  • Haberdashery Online - Essential Haberdashery

    At Calico Laine we find that a lot of customers cannot buy haberdashery items locally as they do not have a shop nearby, which is why they turn to us to purchase both fabric and Haberdashery Online. Our haberdashery section is full of both essential items for your sewing box as well as some more unusual items for your craft room. Many people do not have somewhere locally where they can purchase simple, everyday items such as a needle and thread however with Calico Laine you can buy Haberdashery Online for small jobs such as sewing on a button to bigger jobs such a… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery - Glues and Adhesives

    One item we get asked for in our shop and online when people are looking to Buy Haberdashery is glues and adhesives for all different types of projects including crafts and sewing projects. We get asked for advice on what is most suitable for different applications. Here I will discuss some of our best selling adhesive products. Spray Adhesives : When you Buy Haberdashery you may not automatically think of spray adhesive however it can be particularly useful. We sell two different types of spray glue, one that is repositionable and one that is a heavy duty glue. T… Read More
  • Haberdashery Online for Spring and Summer Projects

    Now Christmas has been and gone and life is getting somewhat back to normal, this is the perfect time to think about ordering your Haberdashery Online for your spring and summer projects. Whether you are a dressmaker or a craft enthusiast, the upcoming season is the perfect opportunity to get creative with a number of projects including easter crafts, summer dressmaking and much more. Here are some of our top tips for what we think will be the best selling Haberdashery Online items this upcoming season: Bra Accessories - our selection of bra accessories are perfec… Read More
  • Essential Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    With a New Year comes a New Year's resolution for a lot of people, and in the past week we have had a number of customers visiting us who have vowed to take up sewing as a hobby and are looking for some advice on where to start. It is always a good idea to have a selection of Haberdashery items available to hand when tackling a sewing project of any kind, so in today's blog we'll be talking about a few Haberdashery tools that we think are essential pieces of kit in anyone's sewing box. If you have any of your own recommendations, be sure to let us know through o… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Now christmas is over its all about getting ready for summer projects like weddings. Many people enjoy making items for their big day and here at calico laine we have many items that you could use and be creative with. You can Buy Haberdashery items including decorative flowers and lace trims that will be perfect for decorating cakes, table displays and other accessories. Decorative flowers are perfect for venue dressing, flower arrangements and giving accessories a new exciting look. We have a wide range of different artificial flowers including baby breath bunc… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery for the New Year

    Once the busy christmas period is over everyone who loves sewing wants to get back to their dressmaking projects and making garments for main events in 2015. As well as fabrics and sewing patterns you need to Buy Haberdashery products as essentials for those important projects. Haberdashery items such as dressmaking scissors, zips and interfacing are the most popular when it comes to creating new garments as you need these for important parts when sewing. Fiskas Dressmaking Scissors To Buy Haberdashery products its best to know exactly what you need as there are … Read More
  • Using Haberdashery Items for Embellishment

    With the New Year approaching, you might be thinking about 2015’s sewing projects. If you’re a little stumped for ideas after dealing with the stress of Christmas, why not take a look at our Haberdashery section for some inspiration? I personally like to use Haberdashery items not only for their proper functions, but also as embellishment on my garments and craft projects to achieve a truly unique look. In today’s blog, I’ll be talking about a few of my favourite choices in the hope that it might spark an idea in your own mind! Just one example of our mas… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery for making accessories and jewellery

    Many of our staff members at calico laine are keen dressmakers and Buy Haberdashery from the store for all their sewing needs. I however do not do as much sewing as I probably could and instead like to use haberdashery in a different way. I am a keen jewellery maker and Buy Haberdashery for making jewellery and accessories. Buy Haberdashery for accessories One of my favourite haberdashery items to use is self cover buttons which can be used to combine my love for jewellery and textiles. Self cover buttons can be used as centre pieces for textiles brooches, as pe… Read More

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