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  • Tartan - the best winter fabric you'll find

    Whenever we think about the perfect winter fabrics our minds always end up in two places: wool and tartan. While we know that tartan is more of a pattern rather than a fabric, we still think it brings up gorgeous ideas about designs and outfits that we can create with that familiar Scottish pattern. Tartan - the perfect winter fabric? Whenever we find tartan fabric we know that it is going to end up in an amazing creation: there's so much that you can do with it and with so many colours and patterns available there are limitless options for what we can make. From … Read More
  • Dress Fabrics

    So the festive season is quickly creeping upon us. Every year we think we have ages and suddenly we've spent so long worrying about everyone else that we haven't left enough time to sort ourselves out! This year I'm on a mission to make myself 2 new dresses for Christmas. It's my treat. Obviously my favourite part of sewing is choosing the right Dress Fabric. I already have a few ideas. The first thing I want to make is a smart casual day dress for Christmas day. I need something that is practical as I'm cooking but it also needs to look good. I'm trying to pull o… Read More
  • Winter Fabrics for Winter Coats

    Winter Fabrics for Dressmaking This week I have been looking at my wardrobe and all of my winter clothes, getting ready for the colder months ahead. It is time to put away the lightweight cardigans and get out the heavy woollen jumpers and scarves. For years I have had a trusty black, woollen coat that I wear everywhere in the winter, whether it be for a day trip out or a night out on the town as it is lovely and warm in the chilly weather. As I have has this coat for many years now it is starting to look a bit tired and it is definately time for a new one. Inste… Read More

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