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  • Dressmaking & Bridesmaids Dresses

    Like many other brides, my sister in law (to be) has just realised with great excitement that she’s getting married this year! Obviously with my Dressmaking background the bridesmaid dresses have fallen to me.  I love dressmaking so I’m honoured she’s asked. It’s a summer wedding with 5 bridesmaids ranging in age from 2 up to 35 years. I initially thought it was going to be hard choosing a style that will suit everyone and a colour that will flow through the age ranges nicely. Luckily the colours, the theme and the dresses had already been pencilled in. M… Read More
  • Dress Fabric for holiday clothing

    Well, it is officially summer but we haven't really had much of a summer so far. With a lot of rainy days it has been fairly depressing weather wise but it has been forecast that we are due to have a heat wave in the next few weeks so fingers crossed. For those of you who aren't waiting for the heat wave to get some sun, just in case it doesn't actually appear, and are going on holiday instead it is time for you to do some summer dressmaking. With some gorgeous Dress Fabric from Calico Laine, you can create the perfect summer dresses, skirts and tops to make you f… Read More
  • Dress Lining - A Dress Fabric to create a quality finish

    It is important that when you are dressmaking, that you choose the correct Dress Fabric for making your garment. If you pick a lightweight fabric, you may wish to also use a dress lining as a second layer to make sure that the item cannot be seen through or to keep you warmer in the colder weather. There are many fabrics that are heavy enough that they do not need a dress lining however  many dressmakers choose to use lining anyway, in addition to their main Dress Fabric as a way to achieve a high quality finish. Dress lining can be used to hide padding, seam edg… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics for Beginners

    In recent years, the art of dressmaking has experienced huge resurgence and the demand for handmade, designer look pieces at affordable pieces has soared. Over the last few years we have been riding out the financial storm that has seen wages decrease and the cost of living increase leaving many of us without much spending money at the end of a long month and as a result many people have adopted the "make do and mend" mentality that helped our grandparents through the difficult post-war years. As a result, many people are taking up sewing and dressmaking as a hobb… Read More
  • How to make a cushion

    As well as using our fantastic range of Dressmaking Fabrics, a lot of our customers like to use our products for making soft furnishing items for around the home. These include cushions and pillows, headboards for bedrooms, blankets, throws and so much more. In today’s post, we will be covering how to make a simple 40-45cm square cushion for your home. What you’ll need: 0.5 metres of fabric measuring at least 100cm in width A reel of cotton A tape measure A bag of toy stuffing Optional items for embellishing (e.g. buttons, acrylic jewels, embroidery thread, … Read More
  • Dress Fabric Online For Beginners.

    The first time you go from shopping in a fabric/haberdashery shop to shopping online, I swear, your world will be turned around. It's like nothing you have ever done before, you can click on all these different categories, which (sort of) act as shopping isles and it is super convenient. You don't have to say 'Excuse me' every 5 minutes when a stranger is blocking the only things you want to see, you don't have to worry about anybody judging what you are buying and the best part of it - you don't have to wait in a queue! Buying Dress Fabric Online can be a wonder… Read More
  • Dress Fabric - Eurovision Costumes

    This weekend sees the 60th annual Eurovision song contest take place in the capital of Austria, Vienna and tonight is the beginning of the competition with the first of the semi-finals. Eurovision was a staple part of my childhood as it was a tradition for the family to get together each year to watch the song contest and even as an adult I still get excited about the thought of Eurovision. I love the cheesy songs and reading some of the hilarious song lyrics through the red button service, back in the day it was on teletext, but best of all are the costumes made … Read More
  • Dress Fabric - Linen

    Over the weekend we had some glorious sunshine and thankfully this is meant to continue through the rest of the week which gives me hope that we are going to have a nice spring and summer. People are finally getting the opportunity to put away their winter wardrobe and make some clothes for the warmer weather. A Dress Fabric that is great for the warmer weather is linen and here at Calico Laine we have a great selection of linen to choose from with lots of different colours. Linen is a Dress Fabric that is known for its coolness and freshness in hot weather and du… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics for a spring wedding outfit

    This week I have been invited to one of my good friend's wedding in the spring. They are getting married in a beautiful converted barn in May in the countryside which should be a lovely setting for a wedding. Although it seems a while away yet, I have started to think what Dress Fabric I might use to make my outfit for the day. Sage Dress Fabric The Dress Fabric that is one of my favourites is cotton spandex. This fabric comes in a large range of plain designs as well as a number of colourful floral patterns. I am a big fan of 50's style dresses and this Dress Fa… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics - Animal Prints

    Dress Fabrics here at Calico Laine attract the most customers due to the quality of our fabrics and the dressmaking projects they are completing. We have a large selection both in store and online for people to view including satins, chiffons, laces and many more materials that create the perfect garments. As well as our plain materials our printed fabrics do just as well as they create the most eye-catching garments. One trend that never goes out of fashion with dressmaking is animal print fabric. This trend has stayed around for decades and can be worn at any ti… Read More

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