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  • Dress Fabrics - Gone With The Wind is 75

    This month, one of the most successful motion pictures of all time is back in movie theatres. As Gone With The Wind prepares to celebrate its 75th Anniversary, cinemas around the world will once again welcome fans of this timeless classic set during The American Civil War. Based on the 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell the epic tale follows the struggle of the indomitable heroine Scarlett O'Hara as she finds herself in extreme poverty following Sherman's March in the winter of 1864; which sees her home state of Atlanta destroyed. Since it's first release in 1939, mo… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics for Halloween

    With the end of October comes halloween, so if you haven’t started already, it is time to look for Dress Fabrics to use in your costumes! Whatever you and your family are dressing up as this year, you are bound to find everything you need here at Calico Laine. Our spooky Halloween fabrics are great for scary costumes. Our first suggestion when it comes to halloween is, of course, our halloween fabrics section. Full of spooky spiders and cobwebs, shiny hologram skulls and even witches on brooms (complete with cats!), there are plenty of Dress Fabrics to choose f… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics for Autumn/Winter

    As we bid a fond farewell to the long, balmy days of summer, our thoughts inevitably turn to our winter projects and Dressmaking Fabrics to keep both ourselves and our families warm through the colder months of winter. Although I do love my floaty summer dresses and sandals, winter dressmaking projects present the opportunity to experiment with a whole new selection of fabrics and designs to really put our skill as dressmakers to the test. For me, winter is all about exploring more structured silhouettes and super cute patterns and of course, there are many events… Read More
  • Buy Chiffon Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Some of our most popular fabrics here at Calico Laine are our chiffon fabrics. With many different types and colours available, it can be a little difficult to make the right choice for your own dressmaking project. In today’s blog, I’ll be talking a little about some of the varieties that we have in stock, in the hope that we can aid you when you come to Buy Chiffon from us. Our Cationic Chiffon comes in many different colours. Cationic Chiffon – The lightest type of chiffon that we stock, this beautiful material comes in a whole host of different colours,… Read More
  • Dress Fabric for your Halloween costumes

    It's that time of year again when the nights are drawing, the weather is getting cooler and the kids are back to school. This is the time of year when people start to think about Halloween and with it becoming a bigger occasion in the last few years, there will be a lot of people choosing Dress Fabric to make their own costumes rather than buying one. A popular fabric for Halloween is dress net. This comes in a large variety of colours in particular orange, violet and black for Halloween. At £1.25 per metre it is a cheap way to create a tutu style skirt for a fa… Read More
  • Frozen Costumes at Calico Laine

    Since Disney’s smash hit movie, Frozen, was released last year, we have been inundated with customers looking for Dressmaking Fabrics to make their own versions of the outfits that the two female leads, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, wear in the film. As an avid costume-maker and Disney nerd myself, I have been all too happy to help these customers out! I have actually spent the past few months working on my own Frozen costumes, and I’ll be talking about the progress of each one in today’s blog. Using materials from Calico Laine, I have been making Elsa's fa… Read More
  • New Dressmaking Material!

    The beautiful golden shades of this gorgeous Dress Material are perfect for crisp, autumn days. Here at Calico Laine HQ we have recently taken an order of limited edition peach skin micro fibre fabric. This beautiful Dressmaking Material is available in limited quality and features a variety of gorgeous colours and designs which are just perfect for the transition from summer to the more crisp weather of the autumn months. Peach skin micro fibre has always been one of our best selling fabrics, largely due to its beautiful drape and super soft finish which is what… Read More
  • Winter Dress Fabrics

    Now winter is slowly approaching here at Calico Laine we have noticed a larger increase of winter fabrics being sold in store and online. We have begun to stock more and more thicker/warmer Dress Fabrics here so people have a larger choice when it comes to making a cosy winter dress. As well as all our new fabrics we have brought in more of our older popular winter fabrics including double knit jersey. This fabric has been selling a lot recently and is always such a huge seller when it comes into the colder months of the year. Double knit jersey is also one of our… Read More
  • Bridal Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Some of the most frequent customers we have are brides-to-be, visiting us in search of the perfect Bridal Fabrics to make or have made into their dream gowns and bridesmaid dresses for their big day. We are always happy to help any customer with their fabric choices, especially when it is for a special occasion - after all, most people only get married once! In today's blog, we'll be talking about some of our Bridal Fabrics that we recommend to our customers, in the hope that we'll also aid you in making the right choice for your own gown. Duchess Satin - One of … Read More
  • Dress Fabrics - Denim on the Red Carpet

    As mentioned in our blog earlier in the week, Sunday saw celebrities hitting the red carpet in LA for the MTV video awards. One of the stand out looks for the evening was Katy Perry and and rapper Riff Raff in outfits made from denim Dress Fabrics. Katy was paying homage to the infamous denim outfit worn to the 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001 by Britney Spears and her then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Katy Perry said she would give 'her best impression' at the awards and her look was approved by Britney herself who tweeted to the singer. Her tweet said,… Read More

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