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  • Popular Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine

    Dressmaking is a popular hobby all year round and at Calico Laine we love all the different dressmaking fabrics for each season. Today I am going to go through some of our most popular fabrics and explain their content and also what they can be made into. Rose and Hubble Cotton Prints: These are perfect for summer dresses and make up and wash really well. They are all 115cm wide and made from 100% cotton. Leather look dressmaking fabrics at Calico Laine. Leather Look Fabrics: A very popular fabric at present and very much in demand, these range of fabrics are ide… Read More
  • Become a Guest Blogger at Calico Laine

    Are you a keen sewer or dressmaker? Do you make lots of your own clothes or do lots of alterations? Have you ever thought about writing down your experiences as a dressmaker? If so, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people to become guest bloggers on our blog page. We would love you to blog at least once a week for us and talk about your dressmaking plans, experiences and also to offer advice on dressmaking. If you are feeling extra adventurous then you could even become a video blogger with us on our You Tube channel. If you feel this is somethin… Read More
  • Dressmaking with Calico Laine's Fabrics

    We're not too far away now from the festive season and with this in mind I'm going to talk about a number fabrics that are perfect for those big nights outs. If you follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages you may have already seen some of the images below. These fabrics where all made in house by Calico Laine and all of the fabrics came from our stock. Stunning silk devoire and leather dress. The dress we have made here was made using a beautiful silk devorie and a high quality leather. The bottom half of the dress was also lined using a an anti static lining… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics

    We often get asked here about the different range of Fabrics we sell at Calico Laine. The vast majority of fabric that we offer are all Dressmaking Fabrics with small range of curtain linings. Whatever you're looking to make, whether it's a beautiful ballgown with lots of sparkles or a plain and simple T-shirt, we're bound to have something to suit your tastes and needs. With Fabrics from the simple to the extravagant, our ranges are full of choice for practically any craft project that you have in mind - looking to make some cute little dresses for your daughter?… Read More

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