Dress Lining Fabrics

  1. Dressmaking Fabrics - Lining

    Before embarking upon a new dressmaking project it is important to consider the complete construction of your garment in order to achieve the highest quality finish. Many of our Dressmaking Fabrics may require an additional layer such as a dress lining fabric. There are a number of reasons why you may consider the addition of a lining fabric in addition to...
  2. Dress Lining Fabric

    Dress Lining Fabric is a very important but often overlooked item which is imperative for use alongside many of our dressmaking fabrics. Dress Lining Fabrics is a lightweight fabric used for a number of reasons, most often to assist the dressmaker in achieving a neat, professional finish to their garments by concealing interfacing, padding and raw seam edges. Dress Lining...

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