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  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Awards Season

    This week, the monotony of January was broken up and sprinkled with a little bit of glamour with the National TV Awards taking place on Wednesday night at London's 02. The first event this awards season saw the best loved stars of the small screen dressed to impress and setting the standard as we approach the Oscars next month. Watching the red carpet is the perfect opportunity for a sneak preview of what is up an coming in the world of fashion and Dressmaking Fabrics; where celebrities lead, the high street will inevitably follow. One celebrity who set tongues w… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Children's clothes

    Here at Calico Laine we often find customers making items for their children and we regularly see people posting creations on our Facebook page that they have created using our Dressmaking Fabrics. It can be rewarding to see your child in something you have made and it also ensures that they are wearing something unique which is always a bonus as you don't want them to be wearing the same outfit to a party or nursery that several other children are wearing. Here at Calico Laine we stock a range of Dressmaking Fabrics which can be used to create outfits for the lit… Read More
  • How to make a cushion

    As well as using our fantastic range of Dressmaking Fabrics, a lot of our customers like to use our products for making soft furnishing items for around the home. These include cushions and pillows, headboards for bedrooms, blankets, throws and so much more. In today’s post, we will be covering how to make a simple 40-45cm square cushion for your home. What you’ll need: 0.5 metres of fabric measuring at least 100cm in width A reel of cotton A tape measure A bag of toy stuffing Optional items for embellishing (e.g. buttons, acrylic jewels, embroidery thread, … Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics For Beginners

    Buying Dressmaking Fabrics can be addictive, a lot of people may not understand, but at least it doesn't damage your health! With the new year, new hobbies may have been found, so if you are new to sewing and dressmaking, you may find fabric shops a little puzzling. When you take up sewing or dressmaking, it's a very good idea to make sure you buy fabric that is easy to sew with and inexpensive. You have to take into account though, that you are not a wizard and you may not be magical at making clothing etc. straight away. Don't be afraid of making a few mistakes… Read More
  • Festive Dressmaking Fabrics

    Over Christmas and New Year everyone is searching for the perfect party dress. Here at Calico Laine we have an extensive range of Dressmaking Fabrics perfect for the festive season. As this is an extremely busy and expensive time of year it can be difficult to find something to wear that fits well and is unique while still being good value for money. Dressmaking is becoming more popular with online tutorials making it easier for people to create their own unique items at home. Lace and satin are ideal Dressmaking Fabrics to help you create the perfect dress for th… Read More
  • Easy Fabrics For Making Dresses

    With Christmas soon arriving, you may have been asked what you would like for the big day this year from friends, family, or even a Secret Santa group. In contrast, we have had a lot of customers visiting us who are hoping to put together a nice selection of sewing items for a friend or relative who want to begin taking up sewing and dressmaking as a hobby. Usually we are asked for haberdashery items and other products that any sewing enthusiast might need, but occasionally we are also asked about what fabrics would be easiest to use for beginners. In today's blog… Read More
  • Chiffon Fabric for Dressmaking Projects

    Chiffon Fabric is a dressmaking fabric that is incredibly popular for use in evening wear, formal wear and bridal wear. Usually seen as a feminine fabric, it is also often used for ladies' blouses and shirts, delicate scarves and even more intimate garments such as lingerie. Here at Calico Laine, we stock an absolutely massive range of Chiffon fabrics with all kinds of weights, shades and widths available. With so much choice, there is bound to be something to suit all tastes and needs, no matter what your dressmaking project is. Our Chiffon Fabric is perfect for… Read More
  • Christmas Season - Dressmaking Fabrics

    If you are like me and already have the festive feeling now that the Christmas season is finally here, then you will understand how hard it is to keep away from the craft or dressmaking table while inspiration hits and the need to make more Christmas gifts hits! Honestly, I see something Christmassy and think 'Ouhh, I could make that'. Seriously, I literally seem to be doing this every day at the moment and working here at Calico Laine doesn't help either because I just pick up what I would need to make it and put it next to the till, wait until the end of the day… Read More
  • One Stop Fabric Shop

    Fabric-World is your one stop Fabric shop. We are an online retailer who have been active for several years now. We have recently refurbished our website making it more appealing and modern as well as updating our product range and stock levels. We stock a vast range of Bridal Fabrics, giving you a wonderful array of options for your big day. A lot of people tend to make there own bridesmaid dresses now as they can create unique one offs in the colour and material of there choice, rather than having to buy from a local high street shop. Here at Calico Laine the mo… Read More
  • New Website, New Image

    It has been a very busy 11 months here at Calico Laine, we have been working tirelessly to provide a modern, sleek website for all of our customers to enjoy. We sat down with our team and several of our loyal customers to find out what we could do differently from what is already out there on the market and what changes we could implement to improve our current Fabric-World website, the feedback that we received was alarming, we knew what we had to do and what key aspects we had to work on and change. The main things that we took onboard to improve usability was … Read More

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