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  • Dressmaking Fabrics For All Weather

    Whether you are about to start creating your first ever garment or you are an experienced dressmaker who is commissioned to make a collection of evening gowns or bridesmaids dresses, we are sure to have at least one thing you will need and everything you want! Here at Calico Laine we are extremely passionate about selecting high quality and affordable Dressmaking Fabrics just for you which will suit all of your specifications. If you are new to sewing and are unsure about which fabrics are best for the project you are beginning, our friendly sales team are more th… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabric for the Spring

    Thankfully we are finally seeing some sunshine and the coldness of winter is starting to leave us, for now. That means it is that time of year to be thinking about your spring wardrobe and what Dressmaking Fabric you should buy to create some outfits for the new season. It's time to pack away the big, thick jumpers in exchange for the dresses, blouses and skirts and here at Calico Laine we have some beautiful Fabrics which would be ideal for making your new apparel. Cotton Lawn Fabric : This Dressmaking Fabric is ideal for spring and even into the summer months … Read More
  • How To: Make an Elasticated Skirt

    The weather seems to finally be getting better here where Calico Laine is located in the North West of England, thank goodness! I just can't wait for it to be sunny and warm, and I am counting down the days until the summer vacation that I have booked with my family and best friend later this year. In preparation for the incoming warm weather, I have been sewing myself some new clothes to wear, and one of the easier projects I have taken on is a skirt with an elastic waistband. In today's blog, I'll be walking you through how to make one of your very own! There is… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics

    As the new year began I started a fantastic dressmaking course which finished just last week. It was great. It taught me so many different things that you don't really consider if you have never done any type of sewing projects before or if you are a beginner. The key thing within dressmaking, with whatever garment you decide to make is which Dressmaking Fabric to choose - which, lets face it doesn't seem like a hard decision but really, really is! Most patterns have a small section on the back of the packet which give some suggestions on some fabrics that will ma… Read More
  • How To: Make a Circle Skirt

    If you are looking for an easy project to work on, a circle skirt is a simple and quick item of clothing to make - and the bonus of a circle skirt is that it can be very versatile depending on what fabrics you use to create it. At Calico Laine, we have tons of fabrics that you could use to create one - for example, if you want a light and floaty skirt to wear in the summertime, why not take a look at our Rose & Hubble cotton prints or our Blades linen fabrics? For a more formal occasion, one of my personal favourites to use is our exquisite duchess satin, whic… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics

    At Calico Laine, we specialise in Dressmaking Fabrics. You'll find we supply wide variety of fabrics, linings, and trims for every occasion, whether it's an opulent gown for the evening or a summer dress for a lazy Sunday. Though we are officially in spring, the chill hasn't left the air so why no try keeping yourself warm with a garment made of double knit jersey? This fabric is guaranteed to keep you warm during the extended British winter while ensuring you look stylish! It can be used for dresses, tops and skirts and is available in a wonderful range of colour… Read More
  • Creating and making with the help of your local Fabric Store

    For the last few years, we have seen a resurgence of people making their own clothes and this is partly down to the success of the 'Great British Sewing Bee' on the BBC. People are beginning to move away from the 'throwaway' culture that we have grown to know and are starting to take more care of the items they have and create quality clothing that will stand the test of time rather than having a 'wear once' mentality. After watching the first series of the sewing bee, many viewers took themselves down to their local Fabric Store, if they were lucky enough to have… Read More
  • How to: make a high, square necked camisole top in under an hour.

    The under 60 minutes high, square necked camisole New to sewing or not there is always a way to make something without needing to buy patterns and masses of fabric - and also making it look acceptable! As I have briefly mentioned in some of my previous Calico Laine blogs, I have recently started a dressmaking class and as a result of this i have wanted to try out some ideas I've had for a while, but not had the confidence to do so. On one of the nights my class was on I was unable to attend but still wanted to get stuck into something which would have a quick end… Read More
  • The Really Useful Textiles Company That Helps You Find The Perfect Dressmaking Fabrics.

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro there are 'sew' many different dressmaking courses that you can join, either to learn the skill from scratch or just sit, sew and socialize. In recent years dressmaking has become a very popular past time once more - it is seen as an easier and cheaper way of staying in fashion without having to pay some of the ridiculous prices you see in some of these designer shops and in some of the high street stores! Currently I am learning to sew on an evening course which is absolutely fantastic! As a beginner my course covers all the ba… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics

    In recent years dressmaking as a past time has become popular once more. Many of our customers have decided to take it up as a hobby for the first time, as a way of staying in fashion without having to pay some of the extortionate prices you now see around not only the designer shops, but the high street as well! Here at Calico Laine we have compiled a huge variety of Dressmaking Fabrics aimed at making on trend, fashion items including our in demand faux suede fabric. This fabric is available in a wide variety of colour choices and in two different weights, medi… Read More

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