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  • Fleece Fabric at Calico Laine

    As the end of the year draws ever nearer, we are having customer looking for warm and cosy winter fabrics to make their clothing and accessories out of to battle against the inevitable freezing winds and bad weather. One of our most popular fabrics capable of this is our Fleece Fabric; it is one of the best fabrics that we can recommend for winter clothing, and it is bound to keep you comfortably toasty in the coming winter months. Our Fleece Fabric is a great choice for our customers who are enthusiastic about hiking, walking and other outdoor hobbies, but are n… Read More
  • Chiffon Fabric at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine, we stock an extensive range of Chiffon Fabric suitable for all tastes and needs - with so many weights and shades, our Chiffon is perfect for everything from formalwear and evening wear to bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and so much more. It is sought after for its elegant, ethereal appearance that it manages to achieve with its lightweight, floaty nature, and as such is popular for those who are not into huge, extravagant dresses. That isn't to say that dressmaking projects made from Chiffon can't be beautiful - on the contrary, there are… Read More
  • Dress Lining Fabric at Calico Laine

    When creating a garment, it is important to make sure that all raw edges and seams either finished or hidden. One way to help achieve this is to use Dress Lining Fabric - using this product in any dressmaking project helps to achieve a professional-looking, high quality finish whilst successfully hiding interfacing, padding and seam edges. Dress Lining Fabric is a great way to help maximise the life of your garment, as well as making any item of clothing that much warmer to wear during the chilly weather towards the end of the year. Dress Lining is very durabl… Read More
  • Microfibre Fabric at Calico Laine

    One of the most common requests we receive from our customers both online and in store is for dressmaking fabrics that do not crease easily, if at all. This is especially important for garments being created for formal events such as weddings, where one's look must be crisp and perfect. Normally, fabrics that are recommended for formal wear tend to be satins and silks, but if shiny finishes on fabrics are not really your thing, we always suggest our Microfibre Fabric as an alternative. Microfibre Fabric is a high quality polyester material which is extremely popul… Read More
  • Linen Fabric at Calico Laine

    One of our most popular fabrics that we sell during the warmer months of the year is our Linen Fabric. This lightweight cloth is available in a beautiful range of colours, perfect to suit anyone's tastes and style. Even with its lighter weight, it still drapes beautifully and looks fantastic when made up as a full skirt - I personally have made circle skirts from our Linen Fabric and have been overjoyed with the results every time. This gorgeous textile is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, with its history going thousands and thousands of years. Small pieces… Read More
  • Dress Lining Fabric at Calico Laine

    When making up a garment, it is important to make sure that all raw seams and edges are either finished or hidden. One way to achieve this is using Dress Lining Fabric - using this fabric helps to achieve a neat, high quality finish whilst concealing interfacing, padding and seam edges. Dress Lining Fabric is a fantastic way to help extend the life of your garment, as well as making any item of clothing warmer to wear during the colder months of the year. Dress Lining is incredibly durable yet lightweight, ensuring that the wearer of the garment will have the … Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics

    With the last quarter of the year approaching fast, many of our customers are planning their winter sewing projects to make sure they keep warm during the cold weather, but are still able to enjoy their dressmaking hobbies. One of the most popular choices for this time of year is our fleece Dressmaking Fabrics - it is always at the top of our recommendation list for winter clothing, and it is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy over the cold season. Recently we have added a fantastic amount of new fleece Dressmaking Fabrics to our stock; these include plain colo… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine

    If you are looking for a new sewing project to work on, you might be pondering over what Dressmaking Fabrics will be right for the job. Lately I have been working on making a few garments for the approaching summertime, and in today's blog I'll be talking about the selections I have made from Calico Laine's huge range of Dressmaking Fabrics available both in our stores and online. Our cotton jersey fabrics are perfect for simple summer garments. Cotton Jersey - This fabric is what you would normally find used for t-shirts and vests. It is a medium weight jersey w… Read More
  • Bridal Fabrics at Calico Laine

    If you are an excited bride-to-be on the hunt for the perfect Bridal Fabrics to use in garments for your big day, whether it is your own gown, your bridesmaid dresses or even the cravats and ties that your groom and his groomsmen will be wearing, then look no further than Calico Laine's fantastic ranges of fabrics. We offer all sorts of satins, crepes and chiffons that are all wonderful choices for bridal and bridesmaid outfits, and in today's blog I'll be suggesting a few that we think are just fantastic for making that special dress, guaranteed to make you a… Read More
  • Dressmaking Fabrics for Costumes at Calico Laine

    Over the past few years, the hobby known as "cosplay" has been on the rise in Great Britain, and with new and recurring conventions popping up all over the UK, more and more people wanting to show their passion for their favourite movies, television shows and video games have been attending these events dressed up as their most loved characters. Cosplay, for those who don't know, is the art of creating a costume based on that of your favourite fictional beings and can range from the small and inconspicuous to the huge and eye-catching. I have been a part of this w… Read More

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