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  1. The GBSB #2 with Calico Laine - Children's Week

    The GBSB #2 with Calico Laine - Children's Week
    How has a week gone by so fast? Children's week is already upon us, bringing three new challenges for our lovely contestants. This week they were tasked to create garments on a smaller scale, testing their precision and dexterity. This was definitely a fun and colourful episode to watch and all of us at Calico Laine loved it! Cotton Jersey...
  2. Taking a look inside Calico Laine

    Taking a look inside Calico Laine
    Here at Calico Laine we're always hearing from our customers that our shop is like an Aladdin's cave and they're right. I like to think that our Liscard Calico Laine store is like our own T.A.R.D.I.S, small on the outside and bigger on the inside. Plenty of people who have shopped with us for years don't even realise that Calico Laine has an upstairs! There...
  3. Using Faux Fur for your Halloween Costume

    It may be a few weeks until Halloween is upon us but if you are looking to make yourself a costume now is the time to start thinking about what fabric you might like to use. We have a large range of fancy dress fabrics that can be used for making your costume however one of our most popular fabrics...

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