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  • Haberdashery - Machine Accessories

    Your sewing machine is vital when it comes to your sewing projects so it's essential that you have all the right parts and accessories to go with it to make your projects a lot more easy and enjoyable. In our Haberdashery section we sell a variety of machine accessories that are all perfect tools to have. This includes bobbins, bulbs, maintenance and needles that all add a good contribution to your sewing machine. Machine Bobbin The machine bobbins within our Haberdashery range are a small spindle or cylinder that is found on your sewing machine to provide the th… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery : New Items at Calico Laine

    Organza Pull Bows are perfect for creating gorgeous, low cost venue decoration. Over the past few weeks, our web team have been extremely busy adding new products to our online catalogue. Alongside many new festive items, dressmaking fabrics and craft fabrics we have also added a number of new haberdashery items. Customers Buy Haberdashery from our online store for a number of reasons but one of the most popular occasions for stocking up on your haberdashery items is a wedding. For any kind of marriage celebration, whether big or small, the happy couple will no d… Read More
  • Essential Haberdashery Items at Calico Laine

    While fabrics are a given part of any dressmaking project, people often forget that there are lots of Haberdashery tools that are almost essential pieces of kit in anyone’s sewing box. Where would we be without numerous reels of thread, or a trusty needle when you want to add some embroidery to a garment? In today’s blog, I’ll be talking about some Haberdashery items which I think should be included in anyone’s sewing supplies. If you have any favourites of your own, make sure to let us know through our Facebook page! Gutermann Sew-All Thread is perfect f… Read More
  • Zips in Haberdashery

    On our Calico Laine website you are available to Buy Haberdashery products online as well as instore. We have recently stocked some brand new zips that are seen in both our Haberdashery and Sewing section online that are becoming very popular and unique. These zips are called Decorative Zips and are available in seven different shades in three sizes. Blue Decorative Zip Our range of Decorative Zips in our Haberdashery section are high quality external zips that are added to the outside of your garment giving your clothing a unique and eye-catching look. Each zip … Read More
  • Calico Laine - The one stop shop for all your Haberdashery

    When you are a dressmaker or crafter it is important to have a reliable Haberdashery Supplier for all your Haberdashery needs and at Calico Laine we believe we can be your 'go to' Haberdashery Supplier whether it be for a zip, thread or ribbons. Here at Calico Laine we stock some of the biggest names in Haberdashery such as Prym, Gutermann and Dylon so you can be assured that as your Haberdashery Supplier, whether that be online or in store, we are providing you with the best quality items and at competitive prices. One of the most important items you may need… Read More
  • Make Do and Mend with Haberdashery

    Not everybody who comes into our shop or orders online is looking for large amounts of fabrics to sew with. A lot of our customers are simply looking to Buy Haberdashery items that will help them to 'make do and mend' clothing so they do not have to go out and purchase new. There are number of useful products that can be found in our Haberdashery section to help you with all those household repairs and alterations. Hemming Tape : One of the most popular Haberdashery items for repair work is hemming tape. It is a way of repairing loose hems on trousers and skirts … Read More
  • Uses of Elastic!

    Elastic is an important product within our Haberdashery range here at Calico Laine. Elastic is a popular item with our customers due to its many uses when Dressmaking, using for crafts or for jewellery making. Elastic is a flexible and stretch fabric that comes in many sizes and is made from rubber and is usually covered in either Polyester, Nylon or Cotton. When it comes to Elastic within Dressmaking it is great for different tasks including placing it in the hem of trousers, the waistband of skirts and many more. Elastic gives you a great comfort when in clothin… Read More
  • Ribbons in Haberdashery

    My favourite section of our Haberdashery department is definitely our lovely colourful ribbons. I’ve no idea where my obsession stems from but with so many pretty colours to choose from there is always something to suit whatever you’re making ready for the summer. This month in particular has given me plenty of reasons to stock up on my favourite ribbons. I have lots of birthdays to celebrate which means I need plenty of ribbons to wrap with, make cards with and of course decorate the birthday cakes. There’s nothing nicer than a birthday cake finished off w… Read More
  • Haberdashery Shop Treasures - Feathers!

    Now Awards Season has come and gone and many of the year's biggest film premieres are still a matter of weeks or months away, fashion fans all over the world with a thirst for celebrity style have turned their attention to the recent Costume Institute Gala, also known as The Met Ball. The annual event, held Sunday night at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and hosted by the biggest and most celebrated name in modern fashion, Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour; is the perfect opportunity for many of the wealthiest and most beautiful women in the world of music,… Read More
  • Haberdashery Online

    On our online website we have a variety of different Haberdashery products for you to choose from. We are very passionate about our Haberdashery Online products and our customers love the large range we have here. We have everything a customer needs for Dressmaking, Sewing products and different crafts. Most of our Haberdashery Online products are necessary when creating different projects. A great product we have in our Haberdashery Online section are our Dylon Products. These products allow you to give that wow factor to your old garments by giving them a brand … Read More

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