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  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Here at calico laine you can Buy Haberdashery products both online and in store as we sell a wide variety of different items you can choose from depending on what you need for your sewing projects. Haberdashery is one of our most popular sections with our customers as you always need a piece of haberdashery that will compliment your projects such as zips for sewing into your garments, scissors for cutting your fabrics and trims to embellish items of clothing, there is always something you will need. Neon Tassel Fringe Some of our new Haberdashery products we have… Read More
  • New Haberdashery Online to help you with your sewing

    Last weekend we had a summer open day at our Neston store to showcase all of our new fabrics and products around the store for local customers. One of the features of the day was a 'try before you buy' haberdashery table to allow customers to see and handle haberdashery items that they might not be familiar from our range. These products were either newly available in our Haberdashery Online section or items that we may have had for a little while that we, as sewers ourselves, love and wanted to share with our loyal customers. Here are a few of the items we demo… Read More
  • Haberdashery Online at Calico Laine

    Ribbons are always one of our main sellers when it comes to the range of Haberdashery items we stock here at calico laine. Whether its plain or printed ribbons we always seem to sell different ribbons everyday both by the metre and full rolls. Ribbons are the perfect choice to use for craft projects including card making, gift wrapping and creating beautiful invitations for special occasions. They always add that extra finishing touch to any item and can make a plain invitation or card into a more exciting piece. Black Super Ribbons Double Satin Ribbon We have re… Read More
  • Haberdashery Online - Bra Accessories for the summer months

    This week we have had some gorgeous weather with the temperatures rising and the sun shining. It is the time of year when people start to get their summer wardrobe out and are beginning to buy new clothes to take on their summer holidays. Many of the tops for warmer weather are more revealing or have small straps to them and it is important to have the right undergarments to go with these including the a well fitted bra. In our Haberdashery Online section we stock a number of bra accessories to make you feel comfortable in the summer. Overtime you might find that… Read More
  • Haberdashery: Fabric Repairs

    Our range of fabric repairs is one of the main sections with our Haberdashery range at calico laine. We have recently had a range of new fabric repairs come in store and online which are big sellers so we decided to spruce up this section in our neston store with a wall dedicated to all our different fabric repairs that includes a variety of different material patches that are all perfect for repairing existing garments or creating brand new looks on new clothing items or accessories. Some of the fabric patches include denim patches, leather patches, faux suede pa… Read More
  • Haberdashery Essentials for the Beginner Dressmaker

    We often get asked in our Liscard and Neston branches if we have starter kits of Haberdashery to get people started when they are either just getting started with dressmaking or trying to encourage their children or grandchildren to sew. We do not stock small sewing kits such as this as we generally find that the items supplied with these Haberdashery kits are not very good quality. We instead, suggest building up your sewing box bit by bit and paying a little more for higher quality items that are going to last you longer and will be better to work with. When you… Read More
  • Haberdashery Shop - Weddings

    With British Summer Time just around the corner many of our brides to be are putting the finishing touches to their bridal gowns and our Haberdashery Shop is the ideal place for purchasing those specialist pieces of Haberdashery to build your dream bespoke bridal gown. We carry a wide range of technical tools, imperative for creating a unique gown which will fit like a glove and make you feel like a princess on your special day. Zips - a standard item of Haberdashery used in a variety of dressmaking projects, zips are something of a modern addition to bridal gowns… Read More
  • Haberdashery - Using Dylon to revive and revamp garments

    Although we sell a lot of fabric to help you create a brand new garment from scratch, you may find from time to time that you simply want to revamp or revive an existing garment and we have the perfect range in our Haberdashery department that can do just that; products from Dylon. No matter if you want to add a new lease of life to some lingerie that has faded over time or want to update a favourite jumper with a new colour, Dylon has the product for you. Dylon was founded by Peter Samuel and Luca Purbeck in Central London in 1946 when they first started sell… Read More
  • Haberdashery - Why Should I use Gutermann Threads?

    If you are a dressmaker or crafter, an essential Haberdashery item that you can't live without is thread. There are a number of thread manufacturers out there but whenever we get asked by a customer which thread is best to use, we often suggest gutermann threads due to their high quality. Gutermann produce a large selection of threads which can be used for both hand sewing and machine sewing and designed to last, with a stronger construction than many other sewing threads. If you are ever unsure what thread to use, Gutermann is the way to go. Gutermann threads are… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    New Year is the perfect time of year to restock your Haberdashery tool kit. When you Buy Haberdashery here at Calico Laine you are choosing from one of the biggest selection of items available on the market, brought to you direct from the biggest names in the business such as gutermann and prym. To assist you when you Buy Haberdashery from us this New Year, we have put together a list of essential items to ensure that your Haberdashery tool kit is ready for all of your upcoming projects: Thread - our Haberdashery department stock a wide range of sewing threads sui… Read More

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