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  • Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine we are not just known for our fantastic selection of dressmaking fabrics but also for our extensive selection of Haberdashery. Whether you are a professional dressmaker or a somebody just taking up the hobby of sewing it is important to ensure that you  have a selection of high quality Haberdashery tools to hand before embarking on any new project. Our team of dedicated buyers work hard to source the latest and best Haberdashery items on the market. Here are details of some of our most popular Haberdashery items: Dressmaking Rulers - one of t… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Soon our kids will be headed back to school once again, with some children beginning their GCSE and A Level years. If your child has to Buy Haberdashery for their sewing and textiles classes at school, then look no further than our huge range of Haberdashery items here at Calico Laine. In today's blog, we have provided you with a few of our personally recommended items that we think are absolutely essential for anyone's sewing and craft projects, available from both of our stores as well as online through our website. Gutermann Sew-All Thread - This polyester thr… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery from trusted brands

    When you are looking to Buy Haberdashery, as with any other type of purchase, you are looking for the best quality item you can afford and most people will tend to buy from a brand that they are familiar with. Here are Calico Laine we try to supply as much of a range as possible and offer Haberdashery items from well known companies so that you know you are getting the highest quality products. One of our favoured brands is Prym; a company based in Germany. As with most german companies, they produce high quality goods and you know that when you Buy Haberdashery f… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery - Dylon Products

    If you are looking to Buy Haberdashery to revive items of clothing or homeware then look no further. Here at Calico Laine we stock the very best Dylon products for this purpose. Dylon have come a long way since the beginning of there time in 1946. The company was initially founded by two young entrepreneurs, Luca Purbeck and Peter Samuel who began selling dyes from a garage in central London. The name dylon is an acronym for 'dyes of London.' Dylon thrived during post war britain and their continuous popularity throughout the 60's and onwards propelled them to go … Read More
  • Haberdashery - Shoulder Pads

    Shoulder pads are one of the most useful yet under utilised items of Haberdashery we stock. Over the years, shoulder pads have become synonymous with the power dressing trends of the 1980s such as that worn by Melanie Griffths' character in Working Girl, however in recent years shoulder pads have begun to make a huge comeback. During the 1980s, shoulder pads were worn as big as possible and were usually accessorised with back combed hairstyles - the aim being to create the upside down triangle effect as was the desirable look of the decade. Many people still assoc… Read More
  • Haberdashery for Cutting out Patterns

    When doing any form of dressmaking it is important to be accurate to ensure that your garment is the right size and shape to fit. Whether you use a commercial pattern or make your own pattern it is vital that you have the correct Haberdashery items to help you carry out your project. Here is a quick rundown of items that can be particularly useful when working with a pattern : Tailors Chalk and Dressmaking Markers : These items are an essential Haberdashery item when it comes to pattern work as they allow you to draw out and mark patterns prior to cutting fabric. … Read More
  • Haberdashery - Tape Measures to secure your accuracy

    When you are undertaking any kind of dressmaking, quilting or sewing project, accuracy is the key to getting it right in many instances. Everything from the width of the fabric to the length of the fabric, from body measurements to zip size need to be measured and if just one thing is incorrect, the whole project could go awry! Not something you want when you have spent a lot of time cutting and sewing. To ensure that all your measurements are accurate, one of the most important Haberdashery items you can have in your sewing box is a tape measure. Many of our cust… Read More
  • My Haberdashery Essentials

    Whether you're a novice in the sewing and crafting world or a veteran seamstress with years of experience, one thing that we always endeavour to do is help out each and every one of our customers to the best of our abilities. This is a goal of ours in both of our stores as well as online through our website, where a lot of customers who pay us a visit come in search of Haberdashery items. In today's blog, I have put together a little checklist of Haberdashery items that I think should be in everyone's sewing kit - I imagine I would have a hard time trying to sew… Read More
  • Buy Zips from our Haberdashery Department

    Many customers approach our Haberdashery department to Buy Zips and often ask for advice regarding which zip is most suitable for their requirements. When you Buy Zips online the amount of items on offer can prove a little daunting, particularly for customers who are not experienced tailors or dressmakers. Many of our customers will Buy Zips as a one off purchase simply for repairing the fastener on existing items. Most of us have favourite items of clothing that we particularly enjoy wearing and it does seem a shame to have to throw items away simply because of a… Read More
  • Haberdashery - Fastenings

    With the majority of dressmaking projects or craft projects it is inevitable that you will need some form of fastening whether it be to fasten a pair of trousers, shut a bag or close a jacket. Fastenings are an essential Haberdashery item and it is important to choose the correct method for your project to ensure a safe and secure connection. At Calico Laine, we stock a large selection of different fastening methods which allows you to choose the right solution for your project. Whether it be Velcro, press studs or zips we are sure to be able to provide you with… Read More

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