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  • Gutermann Threads at Calico Laine

    When you walk into a haberdashery store and browse the shelves with curiosity at what some of the many things are it can all seem so interesting. Although, no one really asks or ponders what a thread is because everyone knows. From even the youngest age, for some reason we all just know what it is and how thread works. However, until you are taught about all the different threads there are, that are all made for different purposes, you never quite realise the difference between them all - because they all just look like thread. Here at Calico Laine we stock a gre… Read More
  • Haberdashery: Helping Fashion Along

    Here at Calico Laine we specialize in dressmaking materials. We stock a huge array of different dressmaking fabric and have a ginormous range of Haberdashery items - everything you need to create the latest thing! We understand that fashion means everything and if you want to wear and make the latest trends you should have a basic understanding of fashion history, pop culture and art history as it helps to grasp the ideas you see strutting down the cat walks. This is why all of our staff go out of their way to research whats trending throughout the year and as ea… Read More
  • Haberdashery for Weddings

    When it comes to planning a wedding, many brides will concentrate most of their energies on finding or creating the perfect bridal gown. However, as your planning reaches the latter stages you will want to think about your venue decoration and our selection of Haberdashery carries everything you will need for adding those unique touches to your venue to create the wedding reception of your dreams: Organza - our stunning organza items are one of the most popular choices of Haberdashery with both brides to be and professional venue dressers. Due to its soft, romanti… Read More
  • Haberdashary at Calico Laine

    The word haberdashery is used when referring to basic sewing notions such as buttons, needles or threads but it can also be used to describe a shop which sells such goods like ourselves here at Calico Laine. The term Haberdashery might be used to casually describe sewing basics but in reality it is a massive global industry which produces thousands of products. International companies like Prym and Vilene are constantly advancing their products and developing new things for both professionals and home sewers alike. The haberdashery industry has deep historic ro… Read More
  • Haberdashery - Velcro and Hook and Loop Fastening

    A Haberdashery product that has been around for many years and is particularly useful for the sewing enthusiast and crafters is Velcro. Invented in 1948 by Swiss engineer George De Mestral, it is a fastener that consists of two strips, one covered in 'hooks' and one in tiny 'loops' which when pressed together stick to each other and create a temporary bond. Velcro is the branded version of a hook and loop fastening and is often used for people who has trouble with traditional fastenings such as zips, buttons or laces. It can be used for clothing however it is also… Read More
  • Buy Haberdashery Online for Repairs

    It is possible to Buy Haberdashery Online for almost any project you can think of however most customers will keep their sewing kit stocked with a range of Haberdashery supplies for carrying out repairs. Here are details of some of our most essential Haberdashery items for repairing your existing clothing items and soft furnishings: Scissors - perhaps the most important item of Haberdashery in your sewing kit will be a good pair of dressmaking scissors. We carry a wide range of scissors suitable for any tasks from dressmaking and tailoring to embroidery and crafts… Read More
  • Haberdashery - Essentials for Fancy Dress

    This week we have experienced a number of Mum's coming into our store looking for fabric and Haberdashery to make their children costumes for world book day. World book day usually takes place each year to encourage kids to read and they are usually asked by their schools or nurseries to dress up as a character from a book; although we have had a few suspect costumes from superheroes to Star Wars characters which I'm not sure are strictly storybook characters. The majority of customers who are making costumes need to make their projects quickly as they are often t… Read More
  • Haberdashery

    There are 7,403,686,211 billion people in the world, we ship our huge selection of products across all of the EU which has roughly 742.5 million people living in it. Whether you are a crafter, dressmaker, baker, joiner or administrative worker I can guarantee you that at some point either in work, or at home, you will use at least one Haberdashery item. Scissors are definitely an extremely useful item in the Haberdashery family that, everyday, gets taken for granted! A lot of people look at a pair of scissors and all they see is an instrument consisting of two s… Read More
  • What Are Open End Zips?

    When it comes to any kind of sewing project at all, there will be at least one haberdashery product required to aid us in achieving the results we desire. Some of the most popular haberdashery items that we sell here are our zips, which we stock in all kinds of lengths, colours and types, perfect for everything from trousers to dresses, skirts to coats, bags and even for decorative purposes as well. But what is the difference between closed end zips and Open End Zips? That question is one that we are asked frequently here at Calico Laine, usually from novice enthu… Read More
  • Haberdashery

    Before embarking on any sewing task it is important to ensure that you have to hand a wide range of Haberdashery items. Your choice of Haberdashery is arguably as important a factor as your dressmaking fabric and by choosing the best quality Haberdashery your budget will allow you can ensure that you always achieve the best possible results from your projects. Whether you are a novice dressmaker or an experienced seamstress you can rest assured that you will find the best quality Haberdashery items on the market right here at Fabric World. Whatever your speciality… Read More

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