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  • Halloween Fabrics - Buy Fabrics Online

    Halloween is right round the corner and, here at Calico Laine, we cannot wait to start decorating and dressing up! We love any excuse to get crafty and spooky decorations really are our favourites. We know it can get a little stressful, so we have made it as easy as possible for you. Simply select our Halloween Fabrics section to easily buy fabrics online straight to your door. Costumes Halloween costumes can be simultaneously loads of fun and really stressful, particularly when it comes to kids. If you fancy stepping up the old 'bin-bag with arms and legs cut out… Read More
  • Halloween Fabrics are coming!

    Its nearly that time of year that a lot of people love…Halloween! So why not start getting prepared with your halloween costumes with some of calico laines eye-catching Halloween Fabrics. Within the next week we are getting some great new materials in that are perfect for this time of year with designs such as spider webs, witches and pumpkins that will make up into the perfect unique costume for your children or yourself. In the meantime if you are already starting your costume we have a range of Halloween Fabrics in stock for you to look at or purchase to st… Read More
  • Being creative with Halloween Fabrics!

    Now that the kids are all back at school and parents are getting back into their normal routine, it won't be long until people start to think about Halloween and costumes for both kids and adults. When I was little, I remember dressing up as a witch and bobbing for apples with my Mum and Dad but Halloween wasn't celebrated in the way it is today. As with many celebrations, we take note from our friends across the pond, the Americans and celebrate in a much bigger way than we used to. Halloween is much more of a big party than it ever was in the UK and at Calico La… Read More
  • Dress Fabrics for Halloween

    With the end of October comes halloween, so if you haven’t started already, it is time to look for Dress Fabrics to use in your costumes! Whatever you and your family are dressing up as this year, you are bound to find everything you need here at Calico Laine. Our spooky Halloween fabrics are great for scary costumes. Our first suggestion when it comes to halloween is, of course, our halloween fabrics section. Full of spooky spiders and cobwebs, shiny hologram skulls and even witches on brooms (complete with cats!), there are plenty of Dress Fabrics to choose f… Read More
  • Fancy Dress for Halloween

    Halloween fabrics at Calico Laine. Halloween is an enchanting time of year for adults and children alike and continues to grow in popularity year on year. Not only is Halloween an exciting event, it is the perfect time of year to express your creative side by exploring your dressmaking and crafting talents. Celebrated on the evening of October 31st, All Hallows Eve is an ancient festival traditionally marked with activities such as jack-o-lanterns, trick or treat and games such as duck apple. Traditionally, masks and costumes would be worn to ward off evil spirit… Read More
  • Using Faux Fur for your Halloween Costume

    It may be a few weeks until Halloween is upon us but if you are looking to make yourself a costume now is the time to start thinking about what fabric you might like to use. We have a large range of fancy dress fabrics that can be used for making your costume however one of our most popular fabrics is our Faux Fur. Our Faux Fur has a pile of approx 1cm and is made from 100% Acrylic. It comes in both plain colours and printed designs creating a large collection of fabrics to choose from. In our plain faux fur we stock 14 different colours including black, brown, pu… Read More
  • Celebrate Halloween with Calico Laine

    With September here and the kids going back to school this week the next big celebration to look forward to is Halloween. Although it is still a couple of months away it will soon come around so now is the time to look at what Halloween Fabric we have in stock. Whether you are looking to make a costume for the kids trick or treating or a costume for your own Halloween party there is sure to be something in stock that will be suitable. One of our most popular fabrics last year, especially with the boys, was the Glitter Spiders Web. At £4.49 per metre it is a great… Read More

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