Lace Bridal Fabric

  1. Lace Bridal Fabrics

    Taking her cue from Amal Clooney, Sophie Hunter the new wife of Benedict Cumberbatch, last week revealed the stunning Valentino gown she wore to marry the Sherlock star to US Vogue. In a stunning shot snapped by Annie Leibovitz the theatre director showed off an intricately embroidered, long sleeve gown crafted from a beautiful silver lace Bridal Fabric. So complex...
  2. Traditional White Bridal Fabric

    Nowadays many people tend to go off the traditional white wedding theme and opt for a different shade like ivory or gold or sometimes even a bright colour like pink. Many years ago white was the only colour a bride would have for her wedding gown and that was seen as a traditional thing. Even though a variety of other...

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